With the Celebration of Literature having passed us, I’m sure many of us have been hitting the books. English scientists and academics at Liverpool University have conducted an interesting study that shows the effect of reading unfamiliar literature on the brain. Hayden Jiang and Melanie Karibasic, Academic Captains, with Dr Michael Brohier, Deputy Headmaster.There are of course, more explicitly visible benefits of reading, particularly for students who aim to achieve better marks by improving their written communication and transfer of ideas. It is well acclaimed that reading improves academic performance - and it certainly does - however, where is the evidence that supports this claim?
Using scanners, they monitored the brain activity of volunteers as they read works by William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, TS Eliot and others. Extensive reading allows for one to be exposed to more complex and ‘correctly structured’ English, while also ensuring that a variety of new words are being encountered in different contexts. My Personal Project is about gymnastics, and I have spent the majority of the time investigating and training more advanced moves, such as the front tuck and backhand spring.Can You Have More Than Five Friends? The social brain hypothesis is a theory that states humans are capable of maintaining close relationships with no more than five people, of which all these bands are perfect examples.
While being held under house arrest there, Paul received a visitor named Onesimus, whose name meant profitable or advantage. We are communicating a message at every stage, not necessarily verbally, it can be written or even through our gestures.
And how it is that we improve our ‘written communication’ through reading unfamiliar literature? As the readers encountered unusual words, surprising phrases and difficult sentence structures, far more electrical activity in the brain was set off than in simplified, pedestrian versions of these literary pieces.
In order to drastically improve one’s written communication skills, literature, such as books and poems, must be read and reflected on regularly.
Your communication skills at your workplace defines the rate of advancement of your learning curve too.
These ‘sparks’ were set off in the right hemisphere of the brain where autobiographical memory is concerned, meaning that readers were reflecting on their own experiences in light of what they have read. According to Joshua Becker of According Minimalist, reading one book in the span of two weeks is a comfortable time frame for the average reader. When Onesimus ran away, he probably took with him money and goods which belonged to his master Philemon.
When preparing for a presentation, remember to follow certain norms and be on the trail with care.

Paul, however, honored the social tie that bound a slave to his master and respected the duty Onesimus owed to Philemon, his master. Guided by the tenth commandment, which forbids coveting another man's worker, and by the law of love, Paul decided Onesimus should return to Philemon.
Paul was about to send Tychicus, a co-worker, to Colosse with a letter Paul had written to the church there.
Tychicus' traveling to Colosse offered Paul the opportunity to send Onesimus with Tychicus to Philemon.
Onesimus went willingly as a penitent Christian to seek his master's forgiveness and to return to his service in Philemon's household. Rather, Paul commended Philemon for the loving compassion he showed to his fellow Christians and then interceded in Onesimus' behalf.
Slaves, such as Onesimus, who were brought back to their masters were often treated most harshly and under Roman law could be killed.
Paul noted that Philemon was having Onesimus come back to him as more than a slave but as a brother in Christ and fellow believer. Since it was quite possible that Onesimus had wronged Philemon and was indebted to Philemon for what he had stolen, Paul even offered to have Philemon charge the debt to him so that Paul might repay him.
In offering to repay Philemon for Onesimus' indebtedness, Paul reminded Philemon that he owed him his very life, for it appears that in some way as a result of Paul's gospel ministry Philemon had become a believer in Christ the Savior. In the course of his letter Paul hinted that he would very much like to have Onesimus back with him in Rome.
An automobile may be filled with enough fuel to drive a long distance, but it wona€™tA go anywhere until someone puts the key into the ignition and then turns the key.
Even though Goda€™s Word says I have a sound mind, I continually feelA like I dona€™t have control of my thought life. And in spite of the fact the Bible says God has blessedA me with gifts and talents, I feel like a dope who has nothing to offer to this world. But for that potential in you to be released, you have to hold the right key in yourA hand.A Furthermore, it isna€™t enough for you to just possess the key. You have to put that key into theA a€?ignitiona€? and turn it so the latent potential that resides inside you will be ignited.
This is a person so sure of his information that when he speaks, he does so with confidence and boldness. You should study, read, listen to teaching material a€” inA other words, you should use every available resource to discover what Goda€™s Word says youa€™ve beenA given in Jesus Christ.

The moment you open your mouth and start confessing the good things that are in you by Jesus Christ, a supernatural connection is made between your faith and allA that Jesus has deposited inside you. At that moment, the gifts and treasures God has placed insideA you become supernaturally activated. Instead of speaking what God says about them, they ridicule themselves, put themselves down, and speak badly of themselves.
By acknowledging the basic truths of what you have been given in Jesus, you will release so much divine energy that it will radically transform your life.
When I hear my own words, even I can tell ita€™s wrong for me to speak so lowly about myself. Forgive me for speaking so wrongly and for allowing myself to remain imprisoned in self-defeat. I am truly repentant for theseactions, and I ask You to forgive me and to give me the power to change my behavior. I agree with all that Goda€™s Word declares me to be, and I speak these truths about myself. Every dayA Iam getting more positive and more faith-filled, and my mouth is speaking what God says about me. Do you speak well of yourself, or do you find that you constantly criticize yourself and continually point out all your flaws?
If you were to ask your friends what they hear you saying about yourself, would they say you speak positively or negatively?A 2. What changes do you need to make in your life in order to change your confessions about yourself? Guided by the tenth commandment, which forbids coveting another man's worker, and by the law of love, Paul decided Onesimus should return to Philemon. Tychicus' traveling to Colosse offered Paul the opportunity to send Onesimus with Tychicus to Philemon.
Rather, Paul commended Philemon for the loving compassion he showed to his fellow Christians and then interceded in Onesimus' behalf.

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