We are nearly done with the first week of March and as everyone gears up to enjoy some much needed time off, the time has never been better to take a look at what you could be winning should you decide to play the lotto online over the next few days. Yesterday’s (Wednesday, 4 March) Lotto Plus draw had one winner in the jackpot division who walked out with R1,067,204 – congratulations are definitely in order!
Yesterday’s (Wednesday, 4 March) SA Lotto draw didn’t create any winners in the jackpot division or the second division this time around.
With so much money to be won, why not get in on the action and start making all of your dreams come true with SA Lottery?
The weekend is here and we can finally kick back and relax and play our favourite SA National Lottery games. The latest SA Powerball draw took place on Tuesday (9th September) and unfortunately didn’t produce any lucky jackpot winners.  Because of this, the main prize will be pushed up for the next draw on Friday (12th September), leaving the next estimated jackpot prize at R12 million. Wednesday’s (10th September) SA Lotto  draw was not successful in producing any lucky players were could match the six necessary numbers, leaving the jackpot prize unclaimed.  The upcoming draw will take place on Saturday (13th September) and has a new estimated jackpot prize of R5 million up for grabs.
The SA Lotto Plus draw took place on Saturday (6th September) and once again, produced no lucky winners of the jackpot prize.  The next draw is on Wednesday (10th September) and has an estimated jackpot prize of R1 million.
Saturday’s (6th September) SA Lotto draw had a jackpot prize which remained untouched this weekend.  The good news is that now there is an even higher estimated jackpot prize of R4 million up for grabs for the upcoming draw on Wednesday (10th September). Remember to make your lucky lotto number selection and place your entry for the upcoming draws.  You never know, you could be in the next group of lucky lotto winners. The weekend is finally here and it’s time for us to kick off our shoes and laze around on the couch.  It’s also time for the results and winnings of the latest SA National Lottery  draws.  There was one lucky jackpot winner who became a millionaire and you never know, you could be next! Tuesday’s (2 September) Powerball draw unfortunately didn’t produce any lucky jackpot winners who could match all of the five main numbers and the Powerball.  This will result in a rollover for the next draw on Friday (5 September) leaving the new estimated jackpot prize at R7 million.
The latest SA Lotto Plus draw was on Wednesday (3 September) and once again, there were no new jackpot winners this time around.  R1 million is the next estimated jackpot for the upcoming draw on Saturday (6 September). The last draw of this week was the SA Lotto draw on Wednesday (3 September).  We were saving the best for last because – wait for it – there was a lucky jackpot winner who was able to match all six numbers correctly and walk away with the R1, 131, 660 prize!  The next draw will take place on Saturday (6 September) and has a new estimated jackpot prize of R2 million. You can make your lucky lotto number selection and stand a chance to be the next millionaire!  You’ll never know until you try! Saturday’s (30th August) SA Lotto Plus draw wasn’t lucky in producing any jackpot winners.  The next draw will take place on Thursday (3rd September) and has an estimated jackpot prize of R1 million who can be claimed by any player who can match all six numbers correctly. The SA Lotto draw was on Saturday (30th August) and one lucky jackpot winner who is now happily R15 million richer!  This player was lucky enough to match all six numbers correctly and placed in the first prize tier.  The next draw on Wednesday (3rd September) now has a new estimated jackpot prize of R2 million. The six players who fell into the second prize tier were each granted R81, 214 for matching five main numbers plus the bonus ball.  In the third prize tier, 166 players were rewarded with R6, 604 for correctly matching five of the six main numbers. Remember to place your entries for the upcoming draws this week!  Once the numbers have been drawn, check in on the latest results and winnings to make sure of where or not you’re a lucky winner!  Best of luck!
One of the most exciting weekend lottery events is the South African lottery weekend which boasts of as many as three exciting mega million winning opportunities in the form of the SA Powerball, the SA Lotto and the SA Lotto Plus. Starting with the Powerball on Friday, fans of the popular game would no doubt have liked to bag the huge jackpot on offer, but this was not to be unfortunately. Saturday, 30 August featured the double draw of the SA Lotto and its supplementary SA Lotto Plus. The supplementary Lotto Plus continued the lottery winning streak, with the exception of the jackpot prize which remains at R1million ahead of Wednesday’s September 3rd draw.
The first place jackpots stand at R5, 000,000 for SA Powerball,             R2, 000,000 for SA Lotto, and R1, 000,000 for SA Lotto Plus. Proving that this was a lucky week, Tuesday’s (26 August) SA Powerball draw had one lucky jackpot winner who claimed their winnings of R9, 884, 843.  This player matched all five of the main numbers correctly and the Powerball, allowing them to walk away as the latest millionaire!  The next draw will take place on Friday (29 August) and has a new estimated jackpot prize of R3 million. The last of this week’s draws was the SA Lotto on Wednesday (27 August).  Once again there were no new millionaires made this time around, with no players able to claim the jackpot prize by matching six numbers correctly.  The upcoming draw will take place on Saturday (30 August) and has a next guaranteed jackpot of a cool R15 million! Choose your lucky lotto numbers for the upcoming draws and place your entries before you miss out.  Remember to play responsibly, it’s only a game.  May the force be with you!
With another weekend flashing past, there’s new results from our latest draws to catch up on! The SA Lotto draw took place on Saturday (16th August) and resulted in no winners of the jackpot prize.  Because of this, the next jackpot prize will sit at an estimated R10 million and will be drawn on Wednesday (20th August).
Saturday’s (16th August) SA Lotto Plus draw unfortunately produced no jackpot winners.  This is good news for you as there will be a rollover result for the next draw on Wednesday (20th August) which has an estimated jackpot result of R1 million. Don’t forget to get your tickets from your closest retailer and get gaming today!  Who knows, you could be the next lucky jackpot winner!

The next draw will take place on Wednesday (13 August) with an estimated jackpot prize of R5 million. Tuesday’s (12 August) draw stands at an estimated jackpot of R28 million – which is a really great jackpot prize worth playing for, so make sure that you play your lucky lotto numbers today at your closest lotto ticket retailer.
Tomorrow (9 August) is the day meant to celebrate the day when about 15,000 women decided to march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in 1956 to protest against the proposed ammendments that were going to be made, restricting the movement of black women even further. Founder and Chairperson of the incredibly successful Pam Golding Property Group whose portfolio now includes more than just ordinary homes and businesses but also major golf estates like Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay, Pam Golding is worth a staggering R640 million. Wendy was made a director of the Ackerman Family Trust in 1981 and is worth an incredible R1,46 billion.
The richest woman in South Africa used to be a director of Liberty Investors Limited, which is now known as the Liberty Group. While all of the incredible women mentioned here have earned their fortunes, this does not mean that you have to be incredibly business minded or marry well to become a millionaire. Winning the lottery can be a deeply overwhelming experience for anyone; and many people have no idea what to do with their instant, newfound wealth. Winning the lottery can inadvertently pressure you into making promises to every aunt, uncle and cousin once removed – especially in South Africa where our culture is heavily based on Ubuntu and the spirit of sharing. How you invest your lottery winnings will depend on what your financial planner recommends. As mentioned before, in a society that believes in sharing and helping one another out, people may start coming out of the woodwork and guilt-tripping you into giving them money.
Whether it be treating yourself to the holiday of a lifetime, shopping or for lunch, make sure you live by the simple mantra of ‘Treat Yourself’. However, in the second division there were two tickets with  five matching numbers making each ticket holder R438,861 what a fantastic amount of cash! There was also one second division winner who walked out with a cool R330,325 due to his or her five matching numbers and Bonus Ball – well done!
In the third division there were 112 tickets with five matching numbers giving each ticket holder an additional R7,004 – well done! In the second place prize tier, one lucky winner was able to secure a R836, 816 win for his or her Match of 5. The million Rand yielding SA Lotto, remains a favorite with SA players and with good reason – the weekend draw saw a huge winning for one lucky jackpot winner who is now R15million richer.
Four second place winners managed to Match 5 and the Bonus Ball to win R211,402 as a consolation second prize winning as well as 100 players who Matched 5 for a win of R7,665 in the third tier.
Get your entries in as soon as possible since tomorrow marks the first day of the midweek draw which kicks off with Powerball and continues with the SA Lotto games on Wednesday.
If you did, be sure to bookmark our page right away to always have access to all the results & winnings in our favourite lotto games!
Not bad for something that started as a hobby 40 years ago with almost no start up cash and one sales assistant. Along with her husband, Raymond, they are in control of the Ackerman Family Trust which owns half of incredibly popular supermarket chain, Pick ‘n Pay. At the moment she is living the dream on top of a mountain in beautiful Stellenbosch as the owner of DeMorgenzon Wine Estate where the wines are divine and the gardens beautiful (coming from the office’s wino who has been to most wine estates in Stellenbosch).
Why not try your hand at playing the incredibly exciting and safe games of SA Lotto, SA Lotto Plus and SA Powerball?
In order to avoid venturing down the dangerous path of thinking that you have more than you could ever spend in a lifetime – and ending up totally broke in a matter of a few short years – here is some valuable advice on what you should do if you find yourself with the winning lucky lotto numbers. Make sure you go and see a financial planner to get sound advice on what to do with your lotto winnings. Life is hectic, and winning the lotto gives you the opportunity to take a step and make some of your dreams come true. In the third division there were 27 tickets from across the country with four matching numbers and the Powerball allowing each very lucky ticket holder to take home R22,826 – good going!
In the third division there were 79 tickets with five matching numbers making each person R3,538 wealthier – good going! In the fourth division thre were 303 tickets from various parts of the country with four matching numbers and the Bonus Ball making each person R1,532 better off. A third tier win saw a whole 24 winners grab R24,483 for their Match of 4 and the Power Ball, with a further 733 winners receiving R304 for their Match of 4 in the fourth tier.

The prize winning continued with the generous draw rewarding 6 players R81, 214 for a Match of 5 and the Bonus Ball in the second tier. A further 294 players Matched 4 and the Bonus to take home a win of R2, 204 in the fourth tier.
Even though the couple retired from the company’s board in 2012, they are still involved in overseeing the supermarket chain’s expansion into Africa (to date you can find Pick ‘n Pay stores in Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Malawi). Being the overachiever that she is, Wendy does more than simply sit back and watch the grapes grow. There is no need to come out worse off than you were before – winning the lotto is meant to make your dreams come true.
Go away for a while (you have just won the lotto, so the time is right to take some leave), leave your cellphone at home – or change your number – and take as much time as you need to get used to the idea of being wealthy.
In the fourth division there were 480 people who were in possession of the winning combination of four matching numbers giving each person an extra R488 to spend as they please. In the fourth division there were 237 tickets with four matching numbers and the Bonus Ball which means that each ticket holder has won R857 – well done!
The next lottery draw takes place tomorrow, September 2nd at 21:30pm on SABC2, an additional rollover amount 2,641,026 gets added to the lottery jackpot which now stands at an escalated R5,000,000 ahead of the big draw. In the third tier, 166 players scored R6, 604 for Matching 5 and 475 players scored R1, 282 for their Match of 4 and the Bonus Ball in the fourth tier. The SA Nature Foundation has recognised her for her exceptional commitment to nature conservation while WWF endorses her as a Diamond Custodian of Table Mountain. She is still a trustee of The Tribune Trust, an investment holding trust as well as a director Sphere Holdings Limited, a black empowerment company.
To ensure that this happens, keep reading – the advice is from some of the world’s leading financial experts. If you feel extremely overwhelmed, speak to the staff at the National Lottery who will be able to provide you with a psychologist or counsellor who specialises in helping Lotto winners cope.
It is important because it will help you stretch your lottery winnings over the course of your lifetime instead of turning it into something that gets spent quickly. You are also probably better off giving a specified amount to a charity of your choice, should you decide to do so. In the fifth division there were 4,809 tickets with four matching numbers which means that each person has won R68 – not bad! The fifth division created 5,508 new winners as a result of their four matching numbers who all get to pocket R255 – enjoy! This lady is worth an impressive R1,99 billion, something she certainly deserves after all of her hard work. Counselling is really important, as your life has just changed – whether you’d like to admit it or not.
The way you spend your lottery winnings will probably be very different from the way I spend my lottery winnings, thanks to different circumstances. For a list of registered charities in South Africa, take a look at Charity SA’s database of organisations. The fifth division made 1,144 people R420 better off as a result of their three matching numbers and the Powerball – congrats!
The next Lotto Plus draw occurs on Saturday, 7 March and you could win R1,000,000 so don’t miss out! The next SA Lotto goes down on Saturday, 7 March and you could win a jaw dropping R10,000,000 so don’t forget to play lotto online! If you don’t know anyone, ask for recommendations from friends and family members or contact the South African National Lottery for advice. The next Powerball draw occurs tomorrow (Friday, 6 March) and you could win R15,000,000 so remember to get in on the action!

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