Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, and you'll often get answers like an astronaut or a race-car driver. Not only will you get your blog hosting at a huge discount, but every hosting plan at HostGator comes with $100 of Google AdWords credit that you can use to promote your new blog. The problem that most people have is that they have so much stuff on their to do list that they are trying to cram into each day, and without any planning at all, they end up getting nothing done at all from that list. If you are going to get the best results with your daily steps goal, or working out to get yourself in the best shape of your life, you more than likely do some planning, or even get a Garmin watch for counting steps, and probably rely on some phone apps to help you get the best results possible.
You can get this easy to use blog planner right here in this blog post that will help you become a much better blogger, and more importantly, a blogger that makes money with their blog.
Use the free download below and if nothing else, plan ahead and time stamp your post to go live on the dates you want them to. Your dreams and visions will only come true if you are a consistent person that refuses to give up and quit. This Kalatu blogging planner will really help you reach more people and make more money with your blog starting today… if you will take the time to use it. I wanted to share this incredible video with you that has some shocking, but true testimonials.
Most people in this crazy economically challenged world we live in wants to make more money. However, if you simply follow someone more successful than you, and they are successful in the field you are wanting to get into or be successful in, then you will succeed in that area as long as you follow exactly what that person you are following has done. As I am writing this blog post from my iPhone proves that you don’t even have to have a computer to succeed in life.
It all came down to the time when I started associating with people that was way ahead of me in life, when I started reading success books, stopped watching the garbage on TV, stopped listening to the complaining losers, and when I started listening to the successful people that was already living the life that I was wanting to live. Listen to something positive and motivating daily, and preferably while you are doing the above things.
Read something positive (self help books) right before bedtime every evening… (a minimum of 15 minutes, and up to 1 hour).
I personally like to use the negative things that friends or family have said about me and what I am trying to accomplish to fuel my fire, to motivate me, to fire me up, and especially to make me want to prove them all wrong.
Mike and Rhonda PilcherIf You Are Ready For FINANCIAL FREEDOM, Then Grab This LIMITED Free Report Now! One of the things that I noticed very early on in my working life was that between working and sleep, lifestyle became a ‘squeeze it in’ option. I read a great saying once that stuck with me – “You can earn and spend money but you can only spend time”… How do you spend most of yours? Sign up to receive valuable information and tips to help you manage and grow your small business.

Often these dreams fade when "reality" sets in, bills are to be paid and responsibilities grow. We need to surround ourselves with others pursuing greatness, and we will be motivated to pursue it as well. My web host, HostGator, is hosting a spring sale that is ending on tonight (Wednesday) at 11:59pm CST.
Start your blog for 55% off, get WordPress and plugins setup for free, and get $100 of AdWords credit.
However, the time you spend planning will allow you to accomplish your work more efficiently and make your dreams a reality.
Or do you just try to do everything that you are wanting to do in a day without any planning at all? Remember though, you must be consistent and blog daily about something that you are either really passionate about, or something that you specialize in and are very comfortable with. Yes, plan ahead, blog ahead of time, and then time stamp them to go live when you want them to go live. Your dreams and visions can and will come true if you are the type of person that takes massive action, and uses a blog to help promote your business, and you are consistent with it.
Take the time to click on the video and watch it all the way through, then click the link below it and watch the second part and see how regular people just like you have had their lives completely changed by using something so simple, but yet very lucrative.
If you continue to do what you have done to this point, then you will continue to keep getting what you are getting. Whether it is good or bad, our thoughts, decisions, the books we read, and the people we hang out with are who we become. We really do become the person that we want to be from the association, the books we read, and the things we choose to listen to on a daily basis.
Meditate and picture the life you want as if you were already living it… and believe it will happen soon.
I understand that in order to afford a lifestyle, one must earn money, so how do we find that balance?
It is not difficult to look at the faces of people on their daily commutes and surmise that they might as well be driving themselves to prison. There is no "realistic friend" in a group of children -- they are simply made up of extraordinary futures. Let’s say that you made up your mind that you would not go to bed at night if that Garmin didn’t say at least 10,000 steps on it each day? Just winging it, not paying attention to your list of to do’s, and not taking the time to trim that list down to the most important things first will hold you back. Pave the way by being consistent, by being a person with integrity, by being a person that never makes excuses, and a person that is always working on themselves by reading and learning how to be better.

You can use your phone to blog right from a cruise ship, a birthday party, a coffee shop, or anywhere that you have a phone signal. Creating the dream lifestyle is well worth the sacrifices that you may go through for a short period of time.
For me, I sacrificed regular dinners and movies with friends; a big wedding and I lived with my brother in-laws for a year!
Creating unreasonable goals such as replacing your entire income within a week will only cause you to feel as though you failed and that you were ‘not cut out for it’. Initially, starting a business can be slow and keeping your regular job or a part time job will help you to feel as though you are still achieving something. If we lived the life we did in Thailand back home, in Australia, it would cost at least 5.2 (yes I worked it out!) more. You take the time to look at a map if you are going on a long trip that you’ve never been on before, don’t you? Years ago when I stopped making excuses of why I could do these things is really when I started have the small successes.
My husband and I both knew we wanted to travel and live in different countries, so a normal 9 to 5 was never going to work. For me, I kept my job and university studies until the business was at a point where it required more time than I physically had available.
For me, we set things up in such a way that if we wanted to take a week off to live without electricity on a tropical island and sip cocktails, we can. You will at least take the time to enter that address into your GPS, or use the map before you head out on that long trip, won’t you?
That is why we turned to e-commerce; it has the flexibility to be run from any location around the world where there is Internet access. However, I also knew from the beginning that many people end up creating a job for themselves, not a business. A few times along the way we lost this focus and, although earning more, it was costing us all our time and energy.  By changing our business model we dramatically reduced our earnings but on the flip, we increased the amount of time we got to spend with each other. We currently live in Thailand, not because of our business (our business has no links to Thailand) but because it was a place I wanted to live and experience from the first time I visited here.
My days are constantly a surprise and I truly do get to pick what and when I want to do something. Living overseas is not everyone’s ideal lifestyle, most want to stay closer to home but almost everyone would love to wake up and know that they do not have to work!

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