You will discover the fundamentals of the fast-growing science of handwriting analysis and grapho-therapy. You will be able to understand more about a person from a sample of their handwriting than most people know after years of friendship. Listen to one or all of our actual verbal testimonials using flash audio simply by clicking on the person's name below.
I believe this is the start of a new life for me, and I have Handwriting University to thank for a jump-start in a good direction, after years of failure and poverty. I bought your course in September, and immediately saw some self-defeating behaviors and self-esteem issues that were holding me back.
Some very successful people have said that if you want to change your life, you have to first change yourself. The Deluxe is designed for anyone who wants to earn money as a professional handwriting analyst. Grapho-Web Instant Analysis Software, and one (1) hour of marketing consultation with Bart Baggett. You choose whether you just want to get trained or you want to get trained and earn some money, too. Seminar Manual shows you larger graphics so you can follow along with the videos or audio soundtracks.

Seminar footage includes guest instructors, audience questions, and professional graphical edits.
A blue and gold graduation Certificate to hang on your wall that tells the world of your expertise. Live analysis and oral exam will be given by our top trained faculty member to insure you have gained the required knowledge to be an expert. Finally, the brand new 101 basic traits book which includes tests at the back of each chapter to help you test your knowledge.
Cutting edge book that guides you through specific changes in your handwriting, day-by-day.
This simple, fun, and interactive workbook guides the child through a simple process of writing each day. In each of the 14 DVD lessons, you will be exposed to some of the most modern and powerful techniques in the field of personality and psychology.
This is the science of identifying, evaluating, and changing personality traits through handwriting. We've even burned the Lectures to audio CD so you can listen to the lectures in your car or while exercising!
Includes questions about information found in the text and your own analysis of handwriting.

Includes writing of OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and dozens of psychopaths, criminals, and politicians!
150+ pages in a 3 Ring Binder for easy access, holding samples, quick reference, test taking and long-term storage. This knowledge will assist you in improving your  own life, improving your relationships and helping others. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to look at any sample of handwriting and quickly identify such personality traits as intelligence, emotional responsiveness, potential for success or failure, honesty, integrity, and even sex drives. Because my business is growing by leaps and bounds, with very little effort, I am determined to make a lot more effort and kick it into high gear. Plus, you will be able to help people in your life change lifelong personality traits that have been holding them back from their true potential.

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