Note: This site is best viewed in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or internet device. Testimony of Dr Melling and Dr J Thompson about the excellent performance of my students has been a source of pleasure and solace to me. These ideas were expressed by Professor Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin Vice Chancellor UOG, while addressing closing ceremony of Youth Leadership Conference, at UOG. Dr J Thompson from the California University in her speech appraised the intelligence, talent and working will of the students as excellent.
Qasim Sahi another student leader termed the duration of course activities as extremely pleasant and useful. Each year a 10th grade student(s) is selected to be the Ambassador for Marina High School and attend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference, also known as HOBY. ICMAP(Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan) and Corporate Pakistan Mega Trade exhibition & Conferences are going to sponsor National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC). We will establish this skills development program of Global Youth Leadership in the University of Gujrat (UOG).
Earlier on Dr Melling from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in her address appreciated the intelligence, diligence and conscientiousness of the university students.
She was of the view that leadership skills will create a ripple effect and spread all around. Earlier Asad Ghafoor a teacher from Maths Department and Hafiz Waqar a student sang lilting songs.
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Students are nominated by teachers and staff based on outstanding academic performance and demonstration of leadership qualities. This is actually platform to meet with men and women who shape law and policies,leaders in business,elected officials,cabinet secretaries,journalists and academics. In this context we are establishing ‘Center of Volunteering’ which fired by the sentiments of nationalism and patriotism shall promote the education of these vital leadership skills.
She was in a psychological state of happy surprise to come across such a richly talented batch of students.
She declared that in the upcoming conferences in England and then in the United States, she would facilitate participation of a team of students from Gujrat. Fourteen students participated in the selection process by submitting a written response and interviewing before a panel. By such platform they can gain a valuable inside perspective on issues facing our Pakistan Nation and begin to form their own leadership development plan for success in the future.
This session also includes Expert Sessions & Panel Discussion on Personal Financial Planning of Madeen Naqvi(Managing Director of Karachi Stock Exchange),Aftab Ahmed Chaudry(Managing Director of Lahore Stock Exchange) and Ayaz Afzal(Managing Director of Islamabad Stock Exchange). In my ensuing meetings with the authorities I intend to explore avenues for research and contribution in three important fields: University’s role in national economy, University’s contribution towards solving social issues and people’s problems, and transferring leadership skills among the students. She opined that she was very confident that this new generation equipped with leadership skills and knowledge will transform the destiny of this nation and change it into a happy progressive Pakistan.
She thanked Dr Nizamuddin and University administration for their all out logistic support.
She presented certificates to all those who in any way were involved in this workshops and thanked them for their cooperation.

We are establishing an “Arfa Kareem Skills Development Center” where besides I.T Skills, leadership skills shall also be imparted.
Rumaisa a student of the English Department representing other peers thanked her 17 teachers hailing from different countries around the world. These included Jamaal, Shaheen, Aadil Dar, Haroon, Umer, Kashif, Zubair, Abdul Rauf, Pervaz, Asim Zaidi, Shahid Minhas, Nasir Ali, Azra Ghani and Mohammad Yaqoob.
The Vice Chancellor on behalf of UOG presented souvenirs to foreign teachers: Robert, Shafea, Ameera, Mubeen, Shaheen, Julian, Rebecca, Shiraz, Naeem, Bilal Gondal, Sara, Allen, Emile, Jennifer, Wajid Khan, Dr Meelig, Dr Thompson. For this I have decided to start a mandatory one week skills development course for all incoming students, in various programs.
Mahjabeen aonther student leader termed this course as the most vital experience of her life. Mussarat Yasmeen Alvi on behalf of Thespian Dramatic Society presented Souvenirs to all the guests.
He announced that a team of 7 students will be selected out of this batch to represent UOG in the upcoming Youth Conference in South Korea. Wajid Khan a teacher from UCLAN originally belonging to Gujrat, termed UOG as an ideal university and expressed his hope that it has the potential and strategic academic where-with-all to pass on into the echelons of world class Universities.

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