Crops & Commercial HorticultureSee up-to-the-minute production techniques for better yields and profits.
Ag TechnologyUse virtual and real tools to improve critical calculations for farms and ranches. Strategic PlanningSteering projects from Point A to Point B along the most trouble-free route. APAC & Government ContractingExpanding your business by learning the language of government contracting. The ExCEL program takes teambuilding and leadership to new heights asArkansas' most experienced challenge course. ExCEL is a University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture experiential-based training and development program.
ExCEL has been offering the best in experiential leadership training since 1986 to youth, college, adult non-profit and corporate groups.
What if some team members are not the most physically fit or have physical limitations?We can tailor our programs appropriate for your team's level of fitness. Photo credit: Mark Tuschman.Are you strengthening youth leaders in a low or middle-income country? When we looked at existing research, we found very little on youth leadership and how it’s done. If you are strengthening youth leaders, we ask for 30 minutes of your time to take our survey. This global survey is our attempt to showcase and highlight programs that are quietly, humbly, and devotedly strengthening youth leaders in communities around the world.
With our youth network collaborators, we will identify the five most promising models to showcase on the website and in a global publication on youth leadership. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Partnership and Empowerment: We take our inspiration from the 3,500 year old Tao (Way) of Leadership, working shoulder to shoulder with our local colleagues and partners toward their empowerment and success. What is the ideal group size?We work with groups that are anywhere from four to 250 people. Is your zip line open to the public?Our zip line is part of our team building and leadership program.
How much time is needed for the high challenge course?Our high ropes course is part of our full day experience.

These past few months have been very intense!  I am so passionate to work with our Native youth, they have so much talent and just need the right environments and encouragement to share their voices and gifts fully.  Our communities need to see youth as the most important resources for our future, and with my leadership I hope to show how the right support and programs can unlock this potential and provide a big missing link to heal our communities so we can grow forward. I am growing in my leadership as the Youth Programs Coordinator for my tribe the Yakama Nation, and have been on various projects. I help connect the advisory with youth to get involved in prevention activities around this area. I was contacted a few weeks ago from a woman that facilitates them now and would like to put me through the training and let me help and possibly take over on my own. I’ve also recently finished the Music Mentor Academy over spring break in my second year of coordinating it and it again, was a great success.
I missed our meeting last week cause I was at Sesame Street Live with my kids but our committee steps were to rename the Cognitive Processing Therapy to something more relative to us as Yakama people and to think of new logos.
Long standing inequalities in the distribution and opportunities given to youth have placed them at a disadvantage compared to older men and women of their communities. The Youth Empowerment and Leadership Project (YEL) project will organize a series of activities geared towards empowering youths and equipping them with livelihood skills. From this age onward, what opportunities youth have in a society is surely a key indicator of its health and well-being. The computer training is in two stages: basic training program and an advanced CISCO academy. The basic program provides training about Microsoft word processing, spreadsheets, basic graphic design, database management and internet. CISCO is a network program that specializes in teaching people how to connect servers, configure routers, and identify problems within the network. Do you know of a high school student who enjoys innovative education opportunities and likes to give back to their community?
With our collaborating networks, the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP) and Youth Health and Rights Coalition (YHRC), we are initiating a global search for promising youth leadership programs and approaches.
By sharing your approaches, you could help to shape programmatic guidance for future investments in youth leadership programs. I have yet to find out what the project is about, but my understanding is that it’s a project for youth in the juvenile system looking to better their lives through spiritual activities which I am great at facilitating.
This has hindered their effective participation in developmental projects and also affects their economic independence.
This project will help address the problem of unemployment while building their capacities for leadership positions.

The main programs are Power Point, Internet, Microsoft Excel, Database, Typing Tutor and Corel Draw-graphics. We welcome MetroWest high school students in grades 9-12 to apply.Applications for our fall programs are currently being accepted online through August 7, 2015. What does it mean to strengthen youth leaders and what do programs that embody this mantra look like?
It is not just about meaningfully engaging youth in planning, implementing or evaluating a program and having peer-led activities.
The kids are also planning a youth suicide prevention training as they did a year ago and hopefully will facilitate their own and present to the public. In spite of efforts made at setting up a Ministry of Youth Affairs, youth in Nigeria - especially in Cross River State - are still absent from key decision making forums.
This training will give youth an alternative to being hired for financial gains from corrupt individuals who use them to perpetrate election violence. These courses prepare young people with a whole range of vital computer tools to enhance their job placement skills. We are also accepting applications through October 30, 2015 for our spring program in Sudbury.
We believe that youth leadership is about strengthening the knowledge, skills, capacities and competencies of young people while deliberately, programmatically, and systematically creating an environment where young people can apply these leadership skills.
Please forward this link to organizations and youth networks and help us to get the word out.
They also need specialized skills to become gainfully employed and to contribute meaningfully to the social and economic development of their regions. These specific courses train youth and provide them with an opportunity within the IT employment area. You can find more information about the Youth in Philanthropy program here or by emailing Jennifer Ubaldino or Caroline Cooke. The outcomes of youth leadership programs can be experienced by the youth, their families, their communities or within the organization itself.

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