Fact Sheet – Making a Law [PDF 189kb, 1 page] A proposal for a new law or a change to an existing one is called a bill (see Bills and Laws). A bill can only become a law if it is passed by a majority vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate.
The practice of the Clerk reading the bill aloud three times dates back to the early days of the British Parliament, before printing was invented or many people could read. When I was visiting the World Trade Center sight earlier this year I was very sad because so many thousands of people were killed and injured during the September 11- 2001 terrorist attacks.
USA TODAY estimates that at least 200 people jumped to their deaths that morning, far more than can be seen in the photographs taken that morning.

Cosgrove was clearly angry and in shock about what happened, I also think about the dispatcher that talked him through it.
The bill must be agreed to in identical form by both chambers, and given Royal Assent by the Governor-General.
The Clerk had to read the bill aloud so that members of parliament knew what the bill was about. They struck the ground at just less than 150 miles per hour — not fast enough to cause unconsciousness while falling, but fast enough to ensure instant death on impact. Most bills are introduced by government ministers; however, other members of parliament can introduce their own bills, known as private members' or private senators' bills.

About 200 bills are introduced into Parliament each year and about 90 per cent are passed into law.

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