Interactive Comedy and
Ridiculous Feats of Dexterity

Jack Kalvan is guaranteed to:

a. Keep your audience laughing with non-stop clean comedy.

b. Amaze your audience with mind-boggling feats of dexterity.

c. Get your audience involved with lots of fun interaction.

d. All of the above.

In 1990, Jack gave up his job as an engineer at IBM to become a comedy entertainer. Since then, Jack's has performed around the world, doing his part to make it a better place.

From the White House in Washington, DC, to the Wintergarten in Berlin. From corporate events to TV shows like: The Tonight Show, The Drew Carey Show, NCIS, and Days of our Lives. His juggling has even earned him gold medals and world records. Cruise ships, fairs, casinos, TV and movies... More than 3,000 shows in over 200 cities. A true professional, Jack Kalvan has done it all.

After 20 years, Jack continues to push the envelope; giving the public something they've never seen before.

Jack Kalvan is based in Los Angeles.

You can use Jack to:

a. Attract a crowd.
b. Wake up a tired audience and get people's attention.
c. Deliver a customized message in a crowd-pleasing act.
d. Provide a full evening of variety entertainment.

e. All of the above.

In addition to his many amazing and hilarious talents,
Jack is also a master of incorporating audience members into his act,
. . . and making them the stars of the show!
His performances are guaranteed to be clean, professional, and suitable for any audience.

Here's just a few of Jack's original routines, featuring big laughs, spectacular stunts, and friendly audience participation:

Drawing a portrait while juggling at the same time.

Fire juggling with the death-defying jump start.

The World's Only Trained Slinkys! (click here)

The biggest juggling trick of all time!

Making your VIP into a ball-spinning star.

Juggling while handcuffed behind his back!

Low ceiling? No problem.

Hilarious stunt on a six-foot unicycle.


Widely regarded as one of the world's top jugglers, Jack has won three gold medals from the International Jugglers' Association.
Since 1989, Jack has performed more than 3,000 shows in over 200 cities around the world.
His hilarious and unique variety show is guaranteed to entertain any audience.

State Farm
Renaissance Hotels
Harrah's Casinos
CBS This Morning
Water For Elephants
Alice in Wonderland
The Last Song
Coyote Ugly
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Anger Management
Days of Our Lives
Drew Carey Show
Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon
Beverly Hills 90210
Sabado Gigante
The Tonight Show
(plus TV shows in Chile, France, Japan, and Great Britain that Americans have never heard of)
Corporate & Trade Shows
Associated Food Stores
Bank of America
Democratic National Convention
Humane Society
Optimists International
Proctor & Gamble
Salvation Army
Sanwa Bank
Tokyo Gas Company
Walt Disney Company
Cruise Ship Lines - almost 200 cruises
Holland America, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, NCL, etc.
Clubs & Casinos
Comedy & Magic Club - Los Angeles, CA
The Magic Castle - Hollywood, CA
Showboat Casino Hotel - Atlantic City, NJ 
Trump Taj Mahal - Atlantic City, NJ
Wintergarten Variete - Berlin, Germany
Colleges & Universities - more than 100 around the United States

Since 2006, Jack has produced the Extreme Juggling Competition to promote the creativity and excitement of juggling.
Jack has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

What Others Say

"The headliner of the evening was Jack Kalvan. Jack's show is a study in fine entertainment -- engaging premises, challenging juggling made to seem effortless, and great lines delivered with perfect timing, all filtered through a persona unwilling to take life seriously."
- Juggle Magazine

"I loved the freshness, originality, and above all the humor of your performance. You should have a series of your own."
- Roger Ordish, producer of Paul Daniels' "Secrets", BBC Television

"The American... Jack Kalvan has been kissed by the muse of juggling. A lot of talent, artistry and surprises."
- Wintergarten Variete, Berlin