Butter may get a bad rap for being high in fat but it contains a fair amount of Vitamin D besides being helpful in absorbing and using the Vitamin D that you get from other sources. When sunbathing is not an option available to get enough vitamin D then look for an egg which is one of the foods highest in Vitamin D. One packet of fortified oatmeal provides about one quarter of the Vitamin D the average person needs each day. The Lowest known point on earth is called Challenger deep and is located in the pacific ocean near..

As much as some of us may dislike the taste of spinach, it is a food item that gives iron in abundance and Vitamin D in proportion. Natural sources of vitamin D are to find and yogurt is one such super food item that fits this list the best. It is one of the supplements that is abundantly used for Vitamin D in both winters and summers. Consuming cheese to receive essential quantity of vitamin D would not be considered a sin anymore.

Clearly, oatmeal is a healthy way to start your day, thanks to all the vitamins and minerals it provides. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin D which, boosts immunity, increases energy and balances mood.

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