August 24, 2015 By Adam Leave a Comment When break ups occur, you can be in for a wild emotional ride! Whilst riding this roller coaster you very often develop a burning desire to learn how to win him back. You see all of the above actions, are a result of somebody being driven to act by their overwhelming emotions to a break up. This is a very bad problem, as all of this behavior is going to drive him even further away, and destroy any chances you may have of getting back together with him. This is going to seem very difficult to do at first, maybe even feel like the complete opposite thing that you should do …. During this time you are going to give him a chance to miss you, but more importantly it is going to give you a chance to process those overwhelming emotions, so that you can move into the next phase on winning him back. BUT, when it comes time to have contact with your ex again, they will come back and overwhelm you again, forcing you to drive him further away again. This will create a new aura about you, and will bring a vibrant new persona to the surface that your ex boyfriend will most definitely take notice of!
It is important to remember that before you met your ex, you were happy, and life was great. So after you have managed to give your ex a bit of space, and followed the no contact rule.
When he thinks about the two of you, he will most likely think about the break up, and the negative aspects of the relationship. So you need to remind him of the good times the two of you had, particularly in the early days of the relationship. When he thinks of you, you want him to think of the positive memories of the relationship the two of you had.
You also want him to see that, during the time you have not been in contact with him, you have revitalized yourself. Even better … if you have a new activity or hobby that you have taken up, bring him along and show off a bit! This will allow him to remember how good things with you can be, and how much fun the two of you can have together. For most people, if things have gotten this far, then the relationship will tend to develop again on its own. But, if you are stuck just spending time as friends, then you need to learn how to flirt and seduce him a little bit. This will entice him, and get him thinking about the romantic possibilities that can unfold between the two of you.
If you have read this far, then I suspect you are still interested in getting him back, but are a little nervous, and unsure about how to go about it. Well you’re in luck, there is detailed advice available to you, which will walk you through each of the above steps we have discussed above, and exactly how to do each one. There is also a support community available dedicated to helping people get back together with a lost love.
Michael has a free and very informative video, which will explain exactly how his system works, and exactly what you need to get started right now, on your journey to get your man back.
If you only just watch this one video, and nothing else, you will be well on the way to success and happiness again. Claim Your Free EBookGet your free copy of the Mastery Of Money & Romance EBook, and learn how to manifest your dream relationship. Do you wake up, wishing you could roll over and feel the warmth of their body, watch their sleepy face smiling gently at you, and feel the reassurance of their arms wrapped around you?Perhaps you've fantasised about what life would be like if the two of you could only be together still.
Youa€™ll have access to the programme for a period of 60 days, as most materials are downloadable.
Based on the most commonly encountered issues, this whole method has been designed to help you identify and move on from your own personal 'sticking points'.There are no 'fillers'. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Recently, I found myself sipping beer and carrying on conversation with some good Christian blokes around a table at a local restaurant. The Spirit filled life of the believer on earth is one that is fraught with all kinds of tension and release. In my Song Selection Rubric, you’ll see how I work my way through a song canon as I plan singing in a particular church. We must ask ourselves, are our song choices nourishing us, our families, and our churches with a full and nutritious diet of melody and emotion? We are fortunate to be able to introduce you to someone you may not yet know – Zach Loomis.
In case you haven’t tuned into previous posts, In Post 1, I introduced our series by considering Paul’s exhortation in Colossians as to why and how he thinks we should sing as Christians. Years ago I attended a church that sang “I Give Myself Away” as the opening song in their worship. The heart here is to crave and thirst for good poetry and prose in our singing; using language that adorns God’s truths with beauty, and allows God’s people, in the best way possible, to comprehend God’s majesty. We are fortunate to have great friends like Joe Brookhouse who take advantage of opportunities to do interviews on our behalf. I heard a Professor in college once say that most Christians are struggling deeply with their faith because they believe in a “canon within a Canon.” He made this statement while teaching the history behind how we received the 66 book Canon of The Bible.
A great example of cherry picking Bible knowledge is the everyday bumper sticker that resounds Jeremiah 29:11’s promise to Israel, that God has plans for us and will give us hope and a future.
The bottom line is that God gave to us a complete Canon—not portions—of Scripture that is about HIM, not US, and within its pages it tells the entirety of the Gospel. This idea of churches forming a “canon within a Canon” has shown up in our singing unfortunately. In the next 4 posts we will try to examine a way to ensure that we sing the story of Scritpure fully. To do this, my approach over the years has been to steal an outline from Mark Driscoll’s book Doctrine (His outline is reflected in the first portion of the Song Selection Rubric. As I’m picking songs, for any reason, I categorize them by the truths they emphasize, in order to see if I’m being enriched with ALL of God’s truths. Are we singing songs that are deeply enriching us with all the truths that God wants us to know—mind, body and spirit? Songs are important to us!  They not only have the power to equip us for a good car ride but they rise to even higher levels of influence. The fact is the world is going to perpetually attempt to define the style, the songs and the artists that are appropriate for the training of the human mind, body and soul. NOTE: Throughout this series, I’ll be examining particularly the church’s corporate singing and will include a document called the Song Selection Rubric. To introduce this series of posts, I’d like to briefly look at one of the most famous verses in the Bible when it comes to singing. Songs are for our Mind: Notice that this verse implores us to let the message of Christ dwell among us as we teach through song. Jonathan Edwards in Religions Affections said this, “Since holiness is the main thing that excites, draws, and governs all gracious affections, it is no wonder that all such affections tend to holiness. Stay tuned to my future posts in this series where we will turn to some practical tools to help us sing better as Christ’s bride. If our previous posts 1-4—detailing Christ’s role as High Priest (Part 1), Christ’s duty as Worship Liturgist (Part 2), and his effect on the Cosmos (Part 3) and the Church (part 4)—are correct, then Christ indeed has something to say about culture.  To deal with this issue, the famous H. If you’re looking for an idea for a family service or a theme to tie your Christmas service, or kids Christmas services together, you might want to check out ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Eve!
Following the aforementioned, we have begun to discuss the ramifications of Christ’s leadership.  In Part 3 we considered his role in the cosmos, and in our post today we’ll consider his role in the church, and next time we’ll talk about his role in the culture. The Bible says the church is body, many but one, and connected to Christ as our ‘Head.’ Like a temple we are built up.
As a parent is encouraged to “train up” a child in the way they should go (the Hebrew literally meaning to “give the child a palette and taste for beauty), our rhythms as a believing people should be giving us a palette and taste for the kingdom in the moment-by-moments of our lives.
In most modern day churches we sing.  Whether your church is modern or traditional, liturgical or free, you probably have singing as some part of your service.  Now the question of “Why do we sing?” is another matter for another time, but do we ever pay attention to what we sing? Do we want God to lead us where our trust is without borders and go wherever He would call us?

Do we want to be taken deeper than our feet would ever wander so that our faith would be strengthened? If we believed what we sung and believed the words were real, would our churches look different than they do today?  Would we be doing the same things are doing now?  Are we singing these songs because they have catchy melodies and cool hooks or are we singing them because we truly believe the words?  Just food for thought.  If you have any more thoughts on this subject, please comment below. And on this particular Sunday, the song was close enough but different enough where it became very difficult for this gentleman to accept.
I think we all understand that change is difficult, and I’m sure each of us have dealt with change on some level or another. In this episode, we are privileged to get to hear from Jon Egan and hear him talk about their new album entitled, Soak. Today I am sharing a bit of an article ftom one of my most favorite people who has illuminated my own life.
I hope you read the entire article HERE, especially if you are struggling and feeling stuck.
With every bite-size session or activity in every Section you'll get one step closer to your transformation.
You can even choose what you want to do first, based on what feels right to you at every stage of your recovery.
Every angle is covered in detail and aims to create a position of stability from which you can start to move on.
Sometimes, being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship.Being single doesn't mean that you know nothing about love. We were philosophizing over the state of singing in the church, and talking about how the church has grown too “happy.” On a typical Sunday morning, a Western church goer puts on a shine to their shoes and smile, and goes to a amped up church, singing about the peppiness of faith and practice. Good song choices should acknowledge that we are human, and we need to be fully represented in all our depths of feeling.
I judge every song in relationship to all the others as to whether I am fully embracing the tonal ethic of the Psalms in the songs choices, as well as balancing what it means biblically to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. In Post 2 I first explored how a good approach to singing would be to first ensure that we are singing the total scope of God’s story. She looks at a lyric’s strength and weaknesses in allusion to story, Trinitarian language, references to God, corporate Ethos, sentence structure, diction, coherence, sound, melody, harmony, rhythm, compatibility with music and text, and singability.
What he meant in this statement is that most Christians are like flower pickers rather than Gardener’s (my designation) when it comes to the Bible. Those who parade this verse often cling to its promise in hopes that God will one day reveal his plans for them, and give them the dream for which they hope.
In the book, Driscoll outlines the core doctrines of Scripture very well in my opinion and his chapter titles have provided me over the years with good headings by which to consider the songs I’m introducing in my church. Consider what it would be like if someone wrote a crime mystery thriller and left out the ending?  I’m afraid the church and its people are guilty of shortchanging God’s story in leaving aspects of it out, as well as overemphasizing things inappropriately in like fashion!  Note, the Song Selection Rubric, does not teach a science, as many songs will definitely fall into multiple categories, and there are many songs that when strung together may highlight the story better as a unit, but the heart of this approach is what needs to be grappled with.
We must realize however, that God created singing, and thus as its grand architect, he knows completely its purpose and appropriate use. I give this tool to song planners everywhere, and I will refer to it often throughout my posts and give the reasoning behind each section.
This implies centripetal (motion inward) and centrifugal (motion outward) motion to our songs. We are not to heavily rely on the music and lyrics simply indoctrinate and instruct us, but we are to bring robustly trained minds to our singing. This is why the Scriptures seem to prioritize the human voice in resonating with other voices as the main accompanied sound of heaven. How often does corporate singing in our churches cause people to feel as if they’re like a bunch of floating atoms flying around the room in their own independent little worlds? Richard Niebuhr developed five models for how Christ deals with culture: (1) Christ against culture, (2) the Christ of culture, (3) Christ above culture, (4) Christ and culture in paradox, and (5) Christ the transformer of culture.  The question for us to answer, is which one is most Biblical?
Lastly, in Christ the transformer of culture model, he takes the old heap of metal in that car, he obliterates it, reshapes it, makes it new and completely redeems it.  This last model is what I believe to be most consistent with the Christ of the Bible. You shall teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. His memory of the hymn had been tainted by what he felt was a drastic change to a hymn that he dearly loved. But in that moment, I realized I had a role and a responsibility as a Worship Pastor to help navigate the path of change for this gentleman. How do we help those people who have a dear, beloved memory of a hymn and feel that any modern day equivalent will not do it justice… or that it will disgrace the namesake of the author somehow? I find this to be the most helpful thing when talking to people who have a hard time with change. But helping your church navigate through change could be one of the most important, and Pastoral things that you do. If you can’t come to a good place of resolution with one love, how can you find a new one? In time, your mind will associate the breakup with letting go of something negative, and you’ll learn to appreciate both the breakup and the effort you made to eliminate a bad habit. Anything which can contribute to your physical, mental, or spiritual betterment is worth trying to take your mind off of the situation. Pretend that you have the opportunity to write everything you want to say in a hand-written letter to your former love. My mother used to say that if I ever received a gift from a person I knew didn’t have genuine intentions towards me, I should wash it in salt to purify the energy.
Do you attract the same people in your lives over and over again, only to be pinned down in the same cycle of heartbreak in the end? Sure, you might’ve been really attached to your ex, but didn’t you always know you could do better? Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, a new pair of shoes, or even a cup of gourmet coffee on your way home from work. If you feel that you can devote time to a pet and take care of it properly, this may be the perfect solution to alleviate your grief. If your intuition tells you it’ll end up in the same scenario like last time, stay away. I've developed this programme as a complete, in-depth, self-directed programme to help mend your broken heart. Your new knowledge, skills and increased resilience form the foundation of your new stability.
The heart was to be able to give away this album FREE to the church to help those who are hurting, grieving, lost, and caught in despair, bitterness and even rage—whether their feelings be toward God or even injustice shown to them in their own life. He explains that the good life is “an implicit picture of what human flourishing looks like.” Through our singing, we try and pull a fake heaven down into earth and convince ourselves that life is all positive thinking and emotional joy, when in reality the Bible is very honest about the fact that “real life” in this present evil age, and heavy rich experience is just not like this. I included a document for Corporate Worship Singing called the Song Selection Rubric , that will continue to help us more thoughtfully think through our singing, and I want to explore in Post 3 the next part of this Selection Rubric in hopes of broadening our approach to corporate singing. These may seem like small things but in a day and age where we’ve lost profound poetry in worship music, we need to learn from those in the body of Christ that have gone before us who have enriched us in how to craft more illustrative prose.
Most people cherry pick verses from the Scriptures in whatever manner they like, and assemble the truths (apart from their context) into beautiful worldview bokehs that fit their taste.
Sadly, what they never realize is that this verse has already been fulfilled in the person of Jesus. Some churches shout for God’s kingdom and yet fall silent when singing of sin and the cross. Classical compositions such as Gioachino Rossini’s Morning Song became powerfully attached to a sunrise through its use in cartoons. This is why I want to deeply consider singing!  If as Christians we’re to SING, I want to know what songs we’re to sing.  What is the purpose of our singing?  Who do we sing to?  Why do we sing?  Should we think at all about the songs we’re choosing to listen to?
The more we know the Bible, and the more we know the person of Jesus, the more our singing is enriched. Hands are raised, eyes are closed, lights are off, and voices shout, but all in an effort to create an individual encounter with Christ. Was there something significant about the change you implemented that is helping the church move forward or taking the church to a place it needs to be? Most of the time, it seems people have a very passionate view about change and want to express that view. There is nothing more healing than saying a heartfelt prayer to the Divine and asking for what you wish most in life.

Your body needs to be purified, because during a breakup you’re experiencing an overload of emotions and energies. You might have some karma to resolve, and to do so you’ll have to introspect on a deeper level. Distinguish the things you truly miss about this person from the things you’re much better off not being put through. Buy a good book with real, inspirational stories inside which can offer you some healing right now. Besides, if you happen to run into your ex again or he wants to reconcile with you, you’ll want to make sure you look amazing! Show yourself that you love yourself and believe in your own powers to overcome this difficult time. Every time you think of what happened and start to feel anxious, stop yourself and think instead of the many ways you’re better off without your ex in your life. The great thing about being newly single is that you can pick and choose who you want to be with when it comes time for a new relationship.
However, I get really anxious and nerve-wrecked when introspecting and looking inside for answers on why it didn’t work. It's grounded in my 24 years' experience as a couple counsellor, during which time I helped to mend oh so many broken hearts.I want you too to thrive again, and build solid foundations to help insulate you against anything that's thrown at you in the future. Youa€™ll be ready to leave all the old stuff behind and move on with your life, feeling wiser and stronger than you might ever have imagined. Even Jesus, in his perfect, fully God, fully man state here on earth, experienced the full tones of human emotion. God sets us aflame with his training, and brings us to our knees in lament, only that we may feel the weight of our sin and dross fall off our shoulders, and thus stand up to rejoice. I found myself wondering, “how can I give myself away to nothing—what am I responding to?” The Bible clearly shows us that God observes a rhythmic pattern in worship whereas he always reveals himself FIRST, and in our encounter with his holiness, we are then motivated to give our sins up in repentance, and ourselves away in service. This verse is a Messianic promise to the nation of Israel, and by cherry picking it out of its context, a person can absolutely obliterate its original meaning.
Some are infatuated with God’s reign, strength, and power and have overlooked his posture of a humble servant in the Incarnation.
We will also continue to build on our look at singing by following a simple rhyme of words that can help us stay balanced:  total, text, tone, target. It reveals the things our church tends to love to sing about, and the things we naturally neglect. Is a big conglomerate like EMI Records going to define what edifies the body of Christ, or is God? In Colossians however, it would seem singing is predominantly grounded in the context of being amongst “one another.” We are to benefit the BODY of Christ first and foremost in our singing! Paul’s view of singing is far more corporate.  Enriching corporate singing is dispensed through the sound of the masses, not in the isolated sound of an ear bud headphone!
We will speak more about how songs emotionally and “soul-ish-ly” form us in our Christian maturity in future posts, but consider for a moment how singing changes when married to thankfulness! Those acts which men delight in, they necessarily incline to do.” Related to singing, this quote implies that singing shapes and forms and shapes our perception of beauty, delight, and desire.
In this episode we will be talking about how they have built a relationship and some things you may consider doing as you think about raising up youth worship leaders in your church.
In part 2, Joe & Jon talk about some of the struggles they have had at New Life, and more importantly how God has shaped Jon and the church through them.
I shared with the gentleman what we were doing with that song and how it fit into the service.
But as soon as you get them to step back and look at the big picture of who you are as a leader and someone who wants to follow God, their perspective quickly changes! What’s even more nourishing, though, is feeling the unlimited love and compassion with which Spirit will feed your soul. Take a hot bath in sea salt and allow the micro crystals to sweep away your energetic burdens. Try to go within you and find out the reason why you keep bringing in the same, unpleasant situations as before.
It always helps to know that you’re not the only one going through these kinds of tests in life. However, popping songs like worship pills of “happy,” seems to stink of unauthentic denial. This means that we must reconsider what our singing is saying about how we view “the good life.” Is our singing fully capturing, preparing, shaping, forming, and readying our people to express their heart in response to God through all of life’s valleys and mountain tops?
Here, text and function become important because this church I speak of is not just making an illogical choice, but an unbiblical one. The misinterpretation of this verse and many others has set a slew of Christians up for placing hope in their self-conceived dreams, which leads them into making idols of their ambitions. We cannot just pick out the parts we like and ignore the ones that don’t “speak to us.” The whole of Scripture is there for our training, rebuking, and edification in righteousness (2 Tim. To begin, we will consider the whole or total story of Scripture, and briefly think through how to involve the whole story of God in our song and lyrics.
Bach’s Joy of Man’s Desiring is iconic in religious settings as well as Handel’s Messiah.  Even into today on a more popular level, we have songs like Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) that defines not only a mantra for a new generation, or a relationship, but promotes a dance craze, much like Chubby Checker’s The Twist.
Truth spins out of us in passion and zeal, and as it hits the air, others hear, are edified, and it creates a climate of spinning truth. It’s not just the truths in the songs that matter, nor that we keep our eye on our neighbor as we’re singing. The mind, the Body, and the affections (soul) are deeply connected not only to our well-being, but to our mission. Well, in this episode of the WMC podcast, we get into some of the reasons why you should consider using Mainstage for playing keys in your worship band. If you’ve ever struggled or gone through the valley at your church or in your ministry, you’ll want to listen and share this interview! He probably sang this song dozens of times for years and years and it was very special to him. By asking this gentleman to pray for me as I work on songs and music and creating a service, I suddenly was able to show my humanity and that I can’t do it on my own. An overall happy approach denies what real life is really like and how deep affections are truly formed.
They are stressing the actions of man first before the actions of God—going against thousands of years of church liturgy and wisdom—and are truly shaping their church toward a man-centered-focus rather than a Godward gaze. We should see the whole thing as being enriched with nutrients, and seek to harvest every square inch of soil in the hopes that a healthy life will grow.
The concern in Paul’s mind is that we also bring our whiny, complaining, sin-bent soul to the altar of God, and lay down our entitlement crowns through our singing. Singing shapes us in an effort that we may leave enflamed with love for our fellow Christian friends, and empowered for witness before a watching world!
I’m not sure if he fully bought into my vision, but I brought him alongside me and I walked him through what I was doing.
In fact, while I am psychic-free these days, I think of her words to me often as they continue to come to life, a decade later.
Did you not learn your lesson from the first partner who treated you this way, so you keep getting the same type of partners?
It offers all you need to personalise it as you go through the 5 Steps (in whichever order you choose) to help you overcome your pain and rid yourself of that person 'camping' in your head.
As seen on the Song Selection Rubric , when I plan songs, I take a look at the number of total songs, and the text of the songs I’m using in order to best determine if I’m including songs of revelation (God’s actions) and our actions (response). Rather than embracing the attitude of the world, singing is supposed to form us in our mind, body and our attitudes and affections.
Don’t just tell people to accept it, help them buy into it and invite them to walk through it with you.
In life, the same principle holds true: you have to learn a lesson and find closure to a chapter of life before moving onto the next.

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