In a previous blog post, we offered insight into why Hastings’ September apology backfired. Hastings says that his company is moving too fast, but customers feel that his focus is on quickly improving his company’s service and not its customer relations. Many users are still frustrated not only because of the price hike, the lack of explanation on these changes, and the constant backtracking – but because there was still no real apology. While the jury’s still out on whether former users will flock back to Netflix, the whole situation provides the perfect example of what not to do as a company in crisis, with perhaps the most important lesson being do your research.
Depending on the type of business you have, read reviews on sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Zagat. Make a list of any forums or communities where your customers congregate and regularly check in on them. Google alerts are free, easy to set up, and instantly help you keep an eye on key conversations. Not all negative comments are worth a response, and not all critics are worth trying to win over. The criticism is on a really small blog or forum, and your response will only bring attention and credibility to an issue nobody saw in the first place. It makes a real person with real contact info available, so if the person is still angry, you’ve at least specified a place to vent other than online. The only thing worse than ignoring upset customers is to respond with a canned corporate response.
Check out Zappos’ Facebook page for a real-time guide on how to respond in a personable, friendly tone. This simple, straightforward apology from Jeff Bezos drew more than 750 overwhelmingly positive responses. Apologizing is part of turning around negative word of mouth, but to actually fix a problem is how you really win over critics. At burrito chain California Tortilla, making it up to customers is part of every response they send when someone is upset.
California Tortilla replies to every upset customer with a simple, straightforward offer to make it up.
When a negative issue comes up, a common gut reaction is to ask to move the conversation offline. Graco’s quick and transparent use of Twitter during a recall of more than 2 million strollers, for example, helped get an important message out much more quickly, showed customers how much they cared and it just might have saved some lives, too. Customers were thrilled with how Graco kept them updated and informed during a product recall.
When their brand was under attack from a competitor-led PR campaign, UPS’ Debbie Curtis-Magley and her team pointed to third-party content from news articles and industry experts to help explain the full story. For example, a blogger might share how he’s frustrated with a particular product feature.
So instead of seeing them as critics, start looking at them as frustrated fans that might have some worthwhile ideas.
Every idea on Dell’s IdeaStorm can be voted up or down, and Dell keeps everyone updated on progress. A platform like IdeaStorm isn’t right for everyone, but giving your biggest critics a way to get involved is. In case you (like all the other Reddit users replying to this thread) are wondering what the other side of the letter said - "On the back it basically repeats the same stuff, i.e.
If you’re a talented young artist who considers the urban environment your canvas, by all means, spray-paint a building. But if you’re an internationally renowned band that’s defacing public and private property for promotional purposes, maybe go back to the drawing board, and think some more about how you want to let people know about your music.
After being published, the blog post garnered attention from Butler himself, who issued an apology. Utah Judge Scott Johansen has signed an order allowing lesbian foster parents April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce to retain custody of the 9-month-old child of whom they have had custody for three months, according to an Associated Press report from Salt Lake City.
Johansen initially said the child should be removed from the lesbian couple’s custody because research shows that children do better when raised by heterosexual parents. This is the photo Michelle Cooks and Patricia Wrightner wanted the Texarkana Gazette to run with their wedding announcement.
Texarkana couple Michelle Cooks and Patricia Wrightner plan to marry next weekend in Mexico and want their friends in the area to know about their upcoming union. They tried to have a wedding announcement printed in the Texarkana Gazette, but the paper refused to run it because they are a same-sex couple. The couple has been together for more than a year and plans to marry in Mexico this coming Friday. The Texarkana Gazette’s editor released a statement, explaining that it only publishes announcements for weddings that will be recognized in the state.
This photo of Felicia Rivera, right, and her girlfriend, Lialani Hernandez, was removed from a San Antonio yearbook.
A 16-year-old San Antonio student is petitioning Brennan High School to allow a photo of her and her girlfriend to be printed in the school’s 2013 yearbook. The couple has been dating for a year and Rivera has gathered more than 200 student signatures to have the photo placed back on the yearbook page.
Pascual Gonzalez, director of public information for the school district, said the photo wasn’t like other photos selected for the page where students were looking directly at the camera and was “too intimate” and  “a little bit too much, exaggerated public display of affection.” The student handbook prohibits public displays of affection on campus. But Rivera’s father isn’t buying the school’s reasoning behind pulling the photo after it’d already been placed and approved, until the two girls were identified. Even if the photo isn’t put back in the yearbook, Rivera said the experience has made her want to start a Gay-Straight Alliance on the campus to prevent further discrimination from occurring. A Kaufman County lesbian couple is concerned about their safety after a neighbor assaulted one of the women in a possible anti-gay hate crime during an argument over fireworks on the Fourth of July.
The couple also said they are outraged that police issued one of them a trespassing warning and listed the neighbor who committed the assault as a victim in the report, even though he had no injuries.

The couple, who asked that their names be withheld for safety reasons, said they were sitting on the patio in front of their home in Terrell on July 4 when fireworks being set off at the neighbor’s house across the street began landing in their yard. That’s when he yelled at her to leave his property and said she could not prove it was one of his fireworks.
The neighbor then yelled at her, “We don’t want your kind here” and “You’re not wanted here” and told her they should move to where their “kind” was welcome.
More than 75 people gathered at the Legacy of Love Monument at Cedar Springs Road and Oak Lawn Avenue at sunset on Saturday, June 30 to remember the teenage lesbian couple shot last week in Portland, Texas.
Norma Gan, congregational care minister at Cathedral of Hope, began the rally with a prayer for Mollie Olgin, 18, who was killed, and Kristene Chapa, 19, who remains hospitalized. The first speaker, Equality Texas Executive Director Dennis Coleman, said attacks on the LGBT community are increasing.
He listed a number of recent incidents in Texas including a teen suicide that was the result of bullying. So he sponsored conferences about “Homophobia and the Bible,” in an attempt to “educate about the damaging theology in Christian tradition,” he said. He performed more ceremonies over the next few years, and it was no problem since the Methodist Church had no prohibition against doing so — until 1996. That year, Creech moved to a church in Nebraska where he continued welcoming LGBT people and honoring their relationships. After his acquittal, Creech moved back to North Carolina and in 1999 charges were filed against him again after he presided over the wedding of two men in Chapel Hill. In his book, Creech explains that he defied church law to do what he thought God would want him to do.
Although heterosexual, Creech has appeared on Out Magazine’s Out 100 list several times, and he received the HRC Equality Award in 1999.
Folkerth said 1,000 Methodist clergy have recently signed a pledge that if asked, they would perform a same-sex wedding. And while performing a same-sex wedding remains “absolutely still a chargeable offense,” according to Folkerth, the church courts hearing the charges have differed in their response.
He said that although this region is more conservative than some others, gays and lesbians are welcome not only at his church but a number of other Methodist churches in the area. The Texas Supreme Court recently requested briefs from both sides as justices decide if they’ll review the issue of whether same-sex couples legally married elsewhere can divorce in Texas.
Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott immediately intervened and appealed Callahan’s decision, which the 5th Court of Appeals in Dallas overturned last year, ruling that Texas judges cannot grant same-sex divorces because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.
In the Naylor case, the 3rd Court of Appeals in Austin upheld a Travis County district court’s decision to grant a divorce to Naylor and Daly, a lesbian couple.
Texas Supreme Court, that would be the next and final step, but I haven’t discussed that with either client, just because we don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said. A spokesman for the AG’s office declined to comment on the cases beyond the briefs it has already filed.
Ken Upton, a Dallas-based senior staff attorney at the LGBT civil rights group Lambda Legal, said he believes the Texas Supreme Court will take the cases.
Jones and Evans are one of at least five couples that will participate in a mass wedding on Saturday evening at Founder’s Plaza in front of the Dallas County Records Building, as part of a protest in support of marriage equality. Event organizer Daniel Cates said the couples are encouraged to apply for a marriage license inside the Records Building earlier in the week, even though those applications will be denied. Similar events sponsored by GetEQUAL and P-FLAG are being held in about 10 cities across the state. Cates said that while Texas is not close to granting marriage equality, LGBT Texans must demand the right. Jones said that the Saturday wedding ceremony will also be a celebration of their five-year anniversary as a couple. When the couple told their parents they were lesbians, Jones said she and Evans were shunned by their families.
After the downtown event, Jones said she and Evans and their friends will go to Chili’s to celebrate and then the couple will leave on their honeymoon. Cates said that couples who would like to participate in the wedding ceremony should arrive at 4 p.m.
Cates said that a street permit was denied because the police are stretched thin with the State Fair of Texas and the Occupy Dallas protests. In today’s paper, I wrote about an incident that happened at the State Fair of Texas last weekend. Latisha Pennington contacted fair officials but after getting few results she called Dallas Voice. I got in touch with the public relations office, which assured me that Fair Director Kelly Pound had already had a talk with the folks at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America booth, where the verbal assault took place.
I mentioned that although I would never advocate, only report, my article would include the name of the group and their booth location. Thursday night, Pennington and her partner Dondi Morse got word from Holcomb that the man who hurled the epithets at them would no longer be working at the booth at the fair.
The next step would have been filing a complaint with the Dallas Fair Housing Office, the department that handles all claims of discrimination. In an attempt to make things less “difficult” for its customers, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced Monday morning that Netflix will abandon its plans for Qwikster and will keep both DVD and online streaming services under one company – Netflix.
Since the announcement that the company will remain as one entity, Netflix’s stakeholders are feeling more confident in the company’s plan of action.
Even though Hastings emailed his customer base, he continues to practice poor communication skills and PR etiquette. The rule of thumb is that while unhappy customers talk to 5 people, formerly unhappy customers you win back talk to 10. But a great listening program makes it easier for you to catch negative buzz and spot issues before they build momentum and become much harder to turn around.

The longer you wait to respond, the angrier the customer will get—and the more likely others will pick up on the issue and spread the negative buzz. If you thought they were mad before, wait until you see how they react to an excerpt of your policy terms and fine print. Just as they see you as a faceless company, it’s easy to see them as just another complainer. But when you do this, the world can’t see all the effort you put into fixing the problem. We can’t search for that phone conversation where you politely explain why the situation happened in the first place. For the same effort and cost, thousands more people see that you actually care about customers. You never want to put them in an uncomfortable situation, but it’s OK to ask for help sometimes. But it’s actually a release valve—a proactive community that gives people with ideas, suggestions and complaints a place to share and vote on their favorites. Try inviting yours to customer advisory boards, beta tests of new products and brainstorming sessions. With their pure hearts and acts of kindness, they can really brighten up a thousand dark days.
A neighbour's daughter was throwing stones at pink_vicky's back door so she told her off for misbehaving. Not just that, little Ketsia also made and attached three bracelets for all the family members. If you’ve got a radical social agenda and you think spray-painting property is the best way to convey your message? The couple and Utah state officials had immediately filed challenges demanding Johansen rescind that order.
The photo was selected to run on the Valentine’s Day page but the yearbook adviser removed the image from the page after she found out it was two girls. After she started backing up, the man “charged her” and pushed her backward, knocking her to the ground, she said. She went to the doctor the next morning and learned she had a sprained wrist and would have to have it bandaged for several days before returning to the doctor. But after he presided over a holy union for a lesbian couple in 1997, charges were brought against him for violating the Order and Discipline of the United Methodist Church. However after his trial, the one sentence prohibiting Methodist clergy from performing a same-sex wedding was given the weight of law.
This time, a jury found him guilty of “disobedience to the Order and Discipline of The United Methodist Church” and withdrew his credentials of ordination. His recently released book, Adam’s Gift: A Memoir of a Pastor’s Calling to Defy the Church’s Persecution of Lesbians and Gays, deals with his experiences with the church’s struggle to welcome and accept LGBT people.
The appeals court ruled that Abbott intervened in the case too late, but the AG’s office has appealed the decision to the Texas Supreme Court.
Scheske said the high court’s decision to request “briefs on the merits” in the two cases is part of its decision-making process about whether to review them. Supreme Court would hear an appeal, meaning the impact of the cases will be limited to Texas.
In addition to the major cities, Harlingen, Brownsville, Huntsville and Odessa also have marriage equality events planned. Their school had no gay-straight alliance, although they attended Teen Project in downtown Fort Worth until that group shut its doors. Although relations have gotten better, none of their family members will be attending the wedding. I suggested she contact Craig Holcomb, a former city council member who is openly gay and runs Friends of Fair Park.
In his very brief post, Hastings sounds tired and detached, as if he were beaten into submission by the constant pressures of trying to please all of his customers. Focus groups and interviews are a great way to mine information from those people whose opinions and attitudes should matter most in a company – the consumer. Here are 10 steps you can take to stop the negative, earn new fans and generate a ton of respect. And even though they couldn’t immediately fix the problem, you can bet this fan will be back.
Plus, you save on all the people who now don’t need to call in (or write a similarly angry post) to find an answer to the same question.
Not long ago we showed you the heartwarming interaction between a little girl who wanted a day off for daddy and Google.
And the American Psychological Association has said there’s no scientific basis for the claim that gay couples are unfit parents just based on sexual orientation.
There is no timeframe for the Supreme Court to decide whether to review the cases, and at this point it’s unlikely oral arguments would be heard anytime before the spring. He will conduct a “white knot” ceremony rather than have the couples exchange rings.  The white knot, a symbol of marriage equality, represents tying the knot. It’s nice to work on a story that resolves itself with an apology and an understanding of why something that happened was so wrong. And that's a debt we'll have to pay for."In the apology letter, Weiner wrote that the mailing was "wrongheaded and the manner was just plain dumb. He’s finally listening to the demands of Netflix’s many disgruntled users and he’s trying to make amends with them.

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