It may take some work to make this drink but it will be worth seeing your date drunkter and a lot more laid back! Another Sochi athlete banned for doping - A Latvian ice hockey player has failed a drugs test. According to a recent study you need to declare your love to someone you fancy, smile and make plenty of eye contact. Receive a round-up of all the latest news direct to your inbox with the weekly PlanetSKI newsletter. What made me think of this was a story I read two days ago about a guy in Punxsutawney (the same town that gives us Groundhog Day), who was arrested for trying to resuscitate an animal.
I suppose if you are going to attempt something whilst drunk – being a miracle worker is not such a bad thing. So next time you are drunk and feel the need to save a life or at the very least place your mouth over that of another, remember that road kill is off limits.
I always find it amusing and strangely intriguing to see people carry on under the effects of alcohol. In fact maybe if you could combine a stupid act with something deemed potentially helpful then people would feel less of a need to condemn you being under the influence and acting like a complete tool. We all know this, and yet time and time again we feel the need to tie one on and go hard rather than go home. I mean why would someone end up in jail for simply trying to bring a poor defenseless animal back to life.
Case and point: Eliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton (but she stayed), Newt Gingrich, Bob Packwood (what a name!) and more. Well further investigation revealed that the guy was driving home rather inebriated and stopped to give mouth to mouth to a possum by the side of the road.

So therefore assuming that one is in fact deceased is fraught with danger, and trying to give it mouth-to-mouth is downright suicidal. I’ve never woken up in strange places or had photos taken of me in varying stages of inebriation.
Would happily sleep in the nearest spot available – be that a bed, a couch, a park bench, a gutter, a public urinal.
The problem was that it had been deceased for some time and the police happened to drive past as he moved on from attempting to save it and tried attempting a seance.
Secondly, possums in America are not like the furry, cute specimens that we grew up with in Australia. But if you were streaking, whilst helping an old lady across the street then that would be cool. Starting a fight at the bar would probably embarrass and piss her off, but you might get beat up and thrown in jail.
There is seemingly no limit to the depravity the human mind can sink to when alcohol is involved. Here they look like oversized rats with big teeth, long hairless tails and a propensity to drool a lot.
Then there are those nights in one sip you just know, by the way the alcohol easily slides down your throat and the giddy feeling you get from that one drop…that you are in for a big one. Mind you some of life’s funniest moments can also be attributed to having had a few too many.
So of all the critters to feel sorry for and want to bring back to life, a possum is not high on my list. Drunkenly jumping off a rooftop into a pool to save a drowning friend would instantly give you Superman status.

Mind you, had he succeeded in bringing back to life an animal that had been well past it’s expiry date, then we would be hailing him as a miracle worker. Not only that, you could then eat the freshly fire-cooked pork chops afterwards, which would save you having to buy a dodgy 3am kebab. Just make sure you don’t give in to the temptation of make up sex.Take Her to a Nice Steak DinnerAnd never call her again! Honestly, this could be the best way to break up if you want to remain friends or if you really do care.Take her to dinner or have dinner together at home.
At the end of your talk softly say that for those reasons you don’t think you can be together anymore. And maybe have a cab waiting or the valet ready.Air It Out on Facebook No need to post a rant on her wall. He again replied casually, “yeah, I think that’s about it.” I had invested the past six months of my life with this guy and he didnt seem to be the least bit upset that I was breaking up with him?! Sure enough your paragraph start a fight then ignore hit the nail right on the head with what she did to me only she managed to throw in a few extra fucked up variables to make everything more difficult to get over.. I agree that it is the most fucked up way cuz it leaves you with too many Unanswered questions thatl eat at your pride and sometimes make you swallow your dignity and say some anx do anything wether stupid or not cuz u want those questions answered.. Your […]Leave a Reply Name (required) E-mail (required) URI Your Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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