That’s what NAB, one of Australia’s four biggest banks, did to its rivals Commonwealth, ANZ and Westpac.
The day after Valentine’s Day, NAB delivered an open letter to competitors that reads like a Dear John letter. Central to the campaign, NAB is promising to pay customer fees if they switch mortgages from Commonwealth or Westpac. Eighteen months ago, NAB debuted the tagline “More Give, Less Take,” while axing fees and offering cheaper home loans. NAB sent employee street teams to circulate outside branches of Commonwealth, Westpac and ANZ where customers were handed tissues and CDs full of “break-up” songs.
And for the kickoff on Valentine’s, NAB sent 60 couples out to restaurants, trains and various public landmarks across Australia. NAB created a special subsite for the campaign, where you can watch some hilarious video parodies of NAB really sticking it to peers. The bizarre message was retweeted by hundreds of other Twitter users, most of whom assumed one of the NAB’s employees had slipped up and accidentally sent a personal tweet from the bank’s account.
According to Burrowes, the Twitter ruse was the brainchild of NAB’s own social media team rather than any of its agencies. On Valentine’s Day, NAB’s Twitter account linked to a video featuring dating columnist Zoe Foster, explaining how couples tended to re-evaluate the merit of staying in an unhappy relationship come Valentine’s Day. Not more than a week after NAB debuted its “break-up” campaign, competitors Commonwealth and Westpac responded with home loan offers of their own. In what has shaped up to be a full-fledged Aussie-style banking war, NAB would appear to have its rivals right where they want them. According to the Herald Sun, Commonwealth has about one-third of the Australian mortgage market, slightly ahead of Westpac, with NAB and ANZ each claiming about 18%.
NAB’s CEO, Cameron Clyne, told The Australian that he had three fears about the campaign prior to launching it.
Christopher Zinn, a spokesman with a consumer advocacy group, warned that NAB’s campaign drawing so much attention to cultural changes might invite an uncomfortable level of scrutiny. Join over 1,000 of the brightest minds in banking at The Financial Brand Forum 2016 — May 16-17 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas — for three days jam-packed with the latest trends, biggest ideas and innovative techniques that are transforming the industry today.
The end of Ben and Jen isn't the first time I've felt personally victimized by a famous couple's split. By Kelly O’Brien Things are not only rocky for Finn and Rachel, but for Kurt and Blaine, Santana and Brittany, Mr.

Mike and Ike are the epitome of what makes a perfect relationship, so I was devastated to hear about their surprise breakup. Related postsWith New Social Interface, Imgur Wants to be the Reddit of Photo WebsitesIf you’ve ever browsed the pages of Reddit, chances are that many of the links to photos on the threads are hosted by Imgur (pronounced as “imager”). Reddit users have another platform to share their meme-tastic images to their fellow users, as Imgur has launched its first official mobile app. I think it’s safe to say that fat people are some of the most hated individuals on the internet.
As per your preference, I am hand-writing you with a ballpoint pen in regards to terminating my account. When the government bailed you out of a financial catastrophe, you promised you’d get better. But even with all the legislative influence you possessed, you failed to pass a law allowing you to seize the homes whose original mortgages weren’t even yours.
I hope that someday soon, corporate interests like your own will no longer be the loudest voice in our political system. One of your representatives spoke at a Los Angeles City Council meeting recently, and I was in attendance. Please close my accounts, numbers ________________ and send the remaining funds by check to _____________________. For instance, they hired police to escort a piano man to the headquarters of competitor ANZ, where he proceeded to play “break-up” love songs outside the building. For other parts of the campaign, however, the bank relied on agency partner Clemenger BBDO. The video ended by saying re-appraising unsatisfactory relationships with banks shouldn’t be any different. Commonwealth is offering $1,200 to NAB customers who refinance their mortgages, plus another $100 if they switch credit card accounts. Lipstick on the gorilla is what we branding people call it when a company does great communications but does not fundamentally change the business itself. You let your feelings run free and wild all over the page, and considering the emotional state you probably are in, people will excuse your horrendous spelling mistakes and missed words. If you’re living in some form of hard-shell bubble, Mike and Ike couldn’t agree on their ideas for a new fruit chewy candy. If there is one thing the misfits of the internet love more than celebrating Lil Bub’s birthday and watching newscasters get attacked by spiders, it is a very public and very bitter internet breakup.

I liked you so much that upon my return to New York state, I went through the trouble of opening a New York account.
After Glass-Steagall moved out, you were free to invest whatever you wanted, wherever you wanted, without even letting us know. It was a actually a sophisticated PR ploy to get people following NAB on Twitter, a ruse that was revealed in a press release and subsequent tweets about the bank’s “break-up” campaign. In an email to staff, Commonwealth’s head of retail banking attacked NAB, saying it would directly target NAB’s customers and compete with its rival on price. And we believed you, because you did fun things like letting us put neat pictures on our debit cards.
Most people don’t know that when they deposit money into their accounts, you take that money and gamble with it on Wall Street.
News, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ended their relationship a week ago due to distance and conflicting schedules. And hundreds of thousands of us are explaining it to news cameras every day from our occupation tents.
And once the judges find you guilty, maybe we’ll have another visit from that age-old regulatory banking act. Their lobby offers free light and dark roast coffee, and they gave me the cutest miniature water bottle on my first visit!
It’s sad that a grown corporation like yourself needs a babysitter to stay out of trouble. But maybe your wake-up call will only come when you’ve been held accountable for your gargantuan mistakes. They sent me four free checkbooks yesterday, and they even reimbursed me for the ATM fee you charged for withdrawing at their branch.
This amounts to an interest rate (annualised) of 86.62% No wonder these leeches on society are making obscene, record profits, whilst middle Australia are doing it tough.

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