On the Imitation of SpellsDwarf See, Dwarf Do'Yeah, you can get your magic to work faster, but mine keeps working after yours has long run out, and my workings can do anything your spells can do. Prone to WanderingThis is incredibly awesome (I might just steal it).I love the fireball and I could see the entrances to dwarven fortifications having stone tables with the fireball rune set inscribed on them. Very flexible leaving a lot of room for player creativity which I consider to be one of the most important points in any system, especially magical ones.
That the same rules designed to reduce the role of the GM and to empower the player also destroyed the autonomy to create a consistent setting.

The dwarves manning the towers could then fling fiery projectiles at attackers instead of having to use huge cannons or catapults. I can already visualize the flowing rock of a runic bridge shooting across a chasm to connect the two sides or small runic glass balls made to create a burst of light if broken. If you think canny players would Connect a few hundred of those fireball workings to create a doomsday device, you could always introduce a pricy material that runes need to be written with or inscribed onto, but I think the time requirement should be sufficient for most purposes.
Would you draw a small line to another circle with that info or just write it into the rune itself somehow?

This working and the first one can be up to 5 feet away and still work together, without having to be on the same vesselIntent: Control.

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