I recently had a client who was having love and financial problems in the form of a mortgage situation. Given a little information about the couple, I told the client that one has much stronger feelings for the other and the love is not reciprocated as strongly by the other. Something to consider is that one set of candles is not touted to be the only thing that you have to do.
You don’t take the newest diet pill touted by the movie stars then go and plow through a double cheese  McWhopper with a hit-me-king-sized fries and a 2 liter cup size of soda, right? Another consideration is that lighting a candle and not doing practical groundwork on your own success is setting yourself up for a disappointment. In money and financial situations, lighting a candle and spending like it is going out of style isn’t going to resolve the problem, either. It is the samrt and thoughtful participant that is going to lay the groundwork on candle spells success and do everything in their power to make those positive changes that will bring a higher rate of candle ritual success for all their personal situations. Many cultures recognize that salt, whether it is sea salt, kosher salt, or even common table salt, holds protective and magical qualities.
Last week, I wrote a blog post on positive signs that your candle burning spell was going good. The Candle glass cracks: If this is for personal safety and protection, then a cracked glass means that the negative vibes sent your way has been broken. The Candle glass explodes: If you are trying to control or wish someone harm and the candle glass breaks, it means that the other person is being protected and you will not be successful with this type of candle spell. The Candle glass burns the top half of the glass black: If the top of the glass is the only part that is black or sooty, then your candle spell was initially facing a lot of negativity, but it overpowered the negative vibes and is now working for you in a positive way.
The Candle burns the complete inside of the glass black: If the glass is completely or in a consistent manner, and can be considered sooty or black more than 80% through the whole candle burn, then it means that there are people and things that are after you. The Candle flame went out during the burn: If this candle spell was for protection, you may not have prepared the candle right (either by cleansing, blessing or your petition paper). I would go back to the person that informed you of the spell since in my education, purple candles were for psychic powers.
This is our download area not just to Grimoires, but other occult documents, with subjects such as Witchcraft, Occult Health & Healing, Hermetic Documents, Demonology, Satanism, etc. If your love relationship is non-existent, damaged, or in need of any kind of serious repair our "Love Spell Trios" are your first line of defense. Free 20 page Astrological Romantic Compatibility Report prepared by Mambo Sam for you and your love. Free 20 page Astrological Romantic Compatibility Report prepared by Mambo Sam for you and your love!
Very detailed information about the different types of castings, including pictures of Rev. We are very proud to offer Miss Fannie Bell Fleurette's secret recipe Bayou Voudou™ love potions.
DELUXE VOODOO LOVE DOLL KITS: The usage of voodoo love dolls is both magickally historic and traditional! We offer our handmade candle magick kits in two forms: A kit with ONE candle and a kit with THREE candles (for the Body,Mind,Spirit option - covering all aspects of a person). These are not a substitute for our regular Creole Voodoo™ spell kits, but can be very useful in some situations. These can also be used in addition to our Creole Voodoo™ spell kits in the event that you have a very serious situation that needs all the help it can get. WHITE MALE IMAGE CANDLE KIT: Use this candle kit to help burn away negativity for yourself or another male.
WHITE FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE KIT: Use this candle kit to help burn away negativity for yourself or another female. PINK MALE CANDLE MAGICK KIT: Enhance or encourage the warmth, kindness, and romance in a relationship. PINK FEMALE CANDLE MAGICK KIT: Enhance or encourage warmth, kindness, and romance in a relationship. RED 7-KNOB WISHING CANDLE MAGICK KIT: One love wish is made per knob burned - male or female. WHITE SPIRIT OF COMMUNICATION MUMMY CANDLE MAGICK KIT: This mummy candle functions to clean up ill effects from negative communication, stop fighting, heal communication, control communication in a strongly positive way especially when communication has been poor or negative and much more! NEW ORLEANS RED WITCH CANDLE MAGICK KIT: Assists in acquiring a new love or rekindling an old love.

Mambo Sam will prepare an approximately 20 page romantic compatibility astrological report for you and your loved one (or the one you want to be your love!). Please note: When you order this item there will be a link in your order confirmation to a form to fill out for sending in the information for your report. Our oils are sold two different ways: In packs of 3 different small bottles or 1 large bottle.
Mistress Marie Love Magnet Oil™ - enhance personal magnetism, irresistible, draw to you. Storyville Desire Me Oil™ - feel desired, enhance longing for you, passionate desires. Each title below contains at least 50 magick voodoo incense cones (usually more!), FREE incense burner, and complete instructions. Marie Laveau Hoodoo Love Incense™ - set the mood for love or love spells - erotic scent. Madame Brigitte Be My Love Slave Incense™ - special attention from that special person.
Madame Brigitte Break 'Em Up Incense™ - enhance personal magnetism, irresistible, draw to you. Charm bags, gris-gris bags, mojo bags - these iconic voodoo bags have many different names.
New Orleans Voodoo Priestesses specializing in love spells knew for generations about using magick in cooking.
Now there is an extraordinary cookbook giving YOU the secret love spells these sacred women knew using ritualistic cooking.
Ritualistic recipe love spells include Louisiana Voodoo favorites like Jump the Broom Jambalaya, Mardi Gras Marrying Gumbo, Man Come With Me Soup, and many more! Madame Brigitte Be My Love Slave Herbs™ - magnetic, desires fulfilled, passionate feelings.
If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. The court case candle I was burning for her cracked and the wax was oozing out all over the side of the candle, until the flame went out. Why would you light a candle to get you out of a situation, only to invite the same pattern of behavior in the front door again?
Take a couple for instance, if the two of them had a fight and one walks out, the other had better do more than just light a candle and sit on the couch until the other comes back. The candle spell needs to be reconstructed as you will only achieve a 50% success rate on this candle spell.
You will need to re-do the candle spell as negative vibes are being sent your way to stop you in trying to protect yourself.
Job candles would be golden yellow for success or red for fast luck and I know of no candle spells using black candles to remove negativity from an area. Use to remove other lovers, negative energy, fear of committment, outside influence of family and friends, etc. Use in cases where you are unsure if a person ever loved you and you wish to encourage that love now. Use when there was once love in a relationship and it needs to be reawakened, repaired, or rekindled. Previously only available from Miss Fannie Bell herself, she graciously allowed her niece, Mambo Sam (Reverend Corfield),to continue on her tradition.
Our dolls are hand painted by Voodoo Priest Parran Matt using the correct voodoo symbols and blessings to empower the doll. Buying the three candle kit is like getting one candle FREE and you get a free packet of incense! Each kit contains already-blessed candle(s), a special herb packet, 1 bottle of oil, and complete instructions.
The red witch is a traditional New Orleans favorite and is said to be representative of a true witch who once lived.
And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.
We briefly communicated back and forth, and then she committed to having some candles burned as a result of my suggestions. It is a method of connecting with the Spiritual by turning over the decision of the outcome to the Higher Power.

I have people who light candles constantly so that their situation is always right before God’s eyes. No, it takes the other to run after the one that left, call them and try some resolution to the matter.
Lighting a candle is not going to change bad decisions BUT lighting a candle ad doing everything you can to work with the lender and mortgage company  WILL get you farther. If you are trying to dominate or send negativity to someone, it means that the candle spell is not strong enough and you should re-think and try another candle spell. A deep cleaning of your home and surroundings is first and foremost, by many different methods (water, salt, candles, incense or smoke smudging, plus others), before you can begin this candle spell again. If you were burning this candle for action towards someone else, it was detected and candles were burned to keep your influence from reaching them. These potions are hand-blended, in house, with all essential oils from our secret family Bayou Vodou™ formulae. Dolls are used to persuade someone towards you, to send them loving messages, to speak to them in ways that maybe you cannot right now. The standard voodoo love doll looks similar to the deluxe doll above, however, it is a smaller doll and smaller kit.
Also, you can use it on yourself to protect yourself from gossip, slander, negative thoughts from others, etc. After the oils are blended, she then consecrates (blesses) the oils in the tradition of New Orleans Voodoo. If I give away all my possessions, and if I hand over my body so that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
For we know only in part, and we prophesy only in part; but when the complete comes, the partial will come to an end. I told her that this is not a good sign and that this party in the situation will not be one that she can overcome. It is applying an offering and prayer in a better outcome for you, but ultimately leaving the decision to the Just Judge – God. It is a reminder to the recipient that there is something that needs constant attention until the condition improves. If you think you are looking like a fool for trying to reestablish communications right away, how much more badly will you feel when the other is driving around with a new love in their car? Your sincere humbleness and piety will come out and soften your voice when you are angry at the bank, your sense of Godliness will hold you up when sitting in a chair at the loan company.
If this spell was for you to control, dominate or send back something to another, you will probably not be successful in your candle spell, unless circumstances change and you have an alternate method to do spell work on them. Not a substitute for spells in difficult situations, but can certainly be helpful in many situations! When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became an adult, I put an end to childish ways. Sure – but these are the same candles  used all the time, bought form the same place. I was told to burn a taper black candle for 15 minutes to clear any negativity that might be around in the house. Please help-I have a meeting on Friday with the BIG Boss and I still don’t have any control over my situation.
If you are trying to dominate or overcome another, the candle going out might mean that this is not the proper spell to use in the situation. Every recipe includes the complete ritual to be done with the cooking of dishes that are really love spells! I do not light candles for myself strictly when times are tough but in times of good as well. If this is for prosperity or monetary gain, then another type of spiritual cleaning (house or personal) is needed before success in this area. Setting lights for myself is my way of thanking the Higher Power for the good times and the bad.
If you feel you situation involves someone very stubborn, you would want to use the deluxe doll.

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