I like what this song has to say, so I wish I liked the general execution of it a little more. Too few songs today are moving past the male gaze when they talk about women, focusing only on how they look and how that drives the guy crazy. Like Leeann, though, I’m on board with the message here a whole lot more than I am with the delivery. I think that an older artist, even in their twenties, couldn’t sing it in this voice. This is kinda my dream Taylor Swift song, what I would’ve loved to hear her say on her first or second album. That said, there are three criticisms I have of this track that I would be remiss not to point out. Secondly, I know this may sound unfair to some of you, but I felt their vocal delivery was a bit exaggerated and forced. 1) This song becomes very buzzy and is briefly one of the most talked about new country songs.

3) They develop a fairly loyal fan base amongst female teenage country fans and quickly get a desirable opening slot, maybe for Hunter Hayes or Lady Antebellum.
4) This song fails to become a huge hit and their future releases never live up to the initial buzz around this duo.
2) Many of the fans they acquire will be young females who list Luke Bryan as their favorite artist. 4) They’re probably too young at this point and will follow in the path of other recent female country acts like Jana Kramer, Danielle Bradberry and Maggie Rose. I don’t care for the song musically, but it says something that obviously needs to be said by someone other than country music bloggers. There’s some truly insidious stuff going on in the culture when it comes to sexual politics, and too much of contemporary country is all too eager to normalize the mindset that women are things, rather than people.
It aims for this wall-of-sound that just doesn’t suit their style well and nearly drowns out their vocal and, thus, the potency of their message.
Two 18-year-old girls playing guitar and singing pop songs really only works for one demographic.

If they become that tied to the cause, they may get left behind when the industry leaves Country Bros behind. Big Machine and Scott Borchetta are really powerful, but country radio just isn’t playing women right now, outside of a couple token exceptions.
The ladies sounded more like girls than women, a little whiny and giggly rather than confident, as this song should call for .
The song becomes a popular cover song for teenage girls and somebody will perform it on a reality singing show.
Their hasn’t been a successful all-female country act since SheDaisy and their career ended about 10 years ago.

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