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For the most part, blind dating is not all that different from any other kind of dating — the basic date elements are there, but you should exercise more caution in general.
Setting up a fun date, being interesting, and most of all, paying attention to your date are all key to getting a second date. Online dating is fine and all, but you just never know what you’re really getting yourself into these days.
It’s hard to meet people online because most of the sites require a credit card and a lot of money for an account that actually lets you contact other members.
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Budget your time on the big day so you can get ready, but don’t spend the entire day anticipating the date. If you know you’re going to be stressed in the hours before the big date, fill that time with something other than “thinking about the blind date.” Go out for brunch with a friend. Instead of worrying about who you’ll be meeting tonight, ask yourself what you’re looking for in a relationship. Since it is a blind dating, you will never know how your date looks like before you meet him or her. When looking for love, most people have a checklist of sorts, but while blind dating you should be willing to throw at least some of it out.
Asking your date questions will let them know you’re interested in getting to know them.
If you’re meeting a blind date via an online dating website or something similar, be safe.

It’s also nice if you will lower your expectations because maybe your date is just a bit nervous on your first meeting. You might have an idea about what conversation topics to initiate, or what to order (or not) for dinner. Pick out an outfit ahead of time and don’t let yourself double- or triple-guess your selection.
Keep the date short — coffee dates are less stressful than three-course dinners — and leave in separate vehicles.
Promise yourself a small indulgence after the date, whether it’s a bubble bath, drinks with a close friend, or watching your favourite movie in bed. However, blind date can be a good way to meet someone special, just like a regular date does. The information provided and any comments opinions expressed are intended for general discussion and education only even when based on a hypothetical. Its really important that you don?t speak about your last relationship and all this stuff, it is in the past. Opt for something comfortable, accurate to your personal style, and appropriate for the occasion. Even if you’re sure the person you’re meeting isn’t the one for you, try to give the matchmaker the benefit of the doubt and stick it out for 45 minutes or so. Even if the date provides more fizzle than sizzle, you’ll have something to look forward to when it’s over.
You can avoid any boring conversation when you have a date in a public place like restaurant or coffee shop.
There is no substitute for consultation with a qualified mental health specialist or even a physician who could best evaluate and advise based on a careful considered evaluation of all pertinent facts.

So, although you may feel a sexual connection with someone, feel out whether or not you’d be compatible beyond that. Not only will it take your mind off the date, it will give you something to talk about when your date asks you about your day. Even if your first impression was an accurate one, at least you won’t look like a jerk for running away. It goes both ways: The closer you connect in a friendly way can bring two people together sexually.
Expecting a blind date to lead to love isn’t fair for either of you, nor is showing up with a pessimistic attitude.
Be open minded and give your date a fair chance — without putting any pressure on him to be Mr. You're already taking a gamble by taking out a date you've never met before, so improve your chances for a fun night with a little bit of planning.
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Even if you don't hit it off romantically, your date could become a good friend or business contact in the future. Your friend might fancy his blind setup, and you'll hurt his chances with her by whining to leave instead of sucking it up for a few hours. Put in a good word for your friend while he's at the bar if he gives you the signal that he likes his date.

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