The billboards contain this message showing a child writing a letter to Santa Claus: “Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to skip church! There must be an “original abiogenesis” because life from non-life evolution is the basis of all science in academia today.
The evolutionary worldview that stands behind the atheists’ religious belief system is built on the biggest fairy tale of them all, that matter, to which atheists have no way to account for, became David Silverman and the rest of us. Not only can’t Silverman and his fellow atheists account for matter, but they can’t account for the information necessary to animate the organic machines that they claim developed and evolved without any outside intelligence. Given the evolution model, chaos is the operating premise, but the world is not chaotic, an important point that atheists can’t explain considering the complexity of every aspect of our world. Atheists must deny what they were taught in science class in order for their belief system to be considered valid.
If as Dawkins says, teaching fairytales to children is dangerous, then teaching them the fairytale of evolution is the most dangerous fairytale of them all.
You can’t count the number of times you’ve “had to explain even very basic concepts like Superposition to Creationists…” ? And you probably can’t count the number of times you’ve had to explain how Darwin’s “…warm little pond, with all sorts of ammonia and phosphoric salts, light, heat, electricity etc.

That means you’re able to explain how very basic concepts like life, consciousness, language, and science are all matter-made? The current, supra-Christian world-view of evolvoid religionists is selectively iconoclastic. Evolution’s mythic skill with the complexities of self-encoding molecules not only breathed life and biodiversity into the Big Bang’s inert elements, but mindlessly fitted them with human consciousness, cognition and technology. Dear Santa All I Want From Christmas Is My Own Island Pinterest Pictures, Dear Santa All I Want From Christmas Is My Own Island Facebook Images, Dear Santa All I Want From Christmas Is My Own Island Photos for Tumblr. May The Spirit Of Christmas Bring You Peace, The Gladness Of Christmas Give You Hope, The Warmth Of Christmas Grant You Love. Best Of All, Christmas Means A Spirit Of Love, A Time When The Love Of God And The Love Of Our Fellow Men Should Prevail Over All Hatred And Bitterness….
To admit otherwise would throw the entire system into disarray and ask many uncomfortable questions about the origin of life.
Until evolutionists demonstrate (1) the origin of matter out of nothing (abracadabra), (2) how inorganic matter evolved into organic matter (abiogenesis), (3) the origin of information and its meaningful organization (DNA programming), and (4) a genetic explanation for why it is mandatory that anyone be moral (ethics), evolution is little more than a fairytale dressed up in shining armor. Their dismissiveness and certitude speaks from their own dark faith in cognitive prestidigitation.

The “intelligence” producing this was not transcendent and supernatural, but immanent and elemental.
It’s the world of “abracadabra,” “open sesame,” and “poof,” a frog has been turned into a prince!
Second, “With 100 billion neurons and 37 trillion cells, the human body is simply too complex to be artificially designed by modern computers.” But we’re to believe that the complexity of the human body came into existence and evolved to its present capacity on its own. As ridiculous as all this sounds, it’s the essence of evolution, at least the atheistic kind advocated by David Silverman.
These emotions are intensely real to those who experience them, but they didn’t exist before brains did.”3 According to evolutionists, we were once the stuff of rocks and mountains. At some infinitesimal moment in time all the stuff that makes up our world came into being, the atheists tell us.
Like the Millennium Falcon coming out of light speed, the cosmos appeared, the difference being, there was no Millennium Falcon or light to measure its speed.

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