Despite rumors that they're smitten with the new lovers in their life, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez probably only have eyes for each other these days. TMZ notes that the two exes are now getting along better than ever – and that a reconciliation might even be on the way.
When they did talk, it ended in fighting and tears on Jennifer's part, to the point where neither was willing to be the one to make the first move anymore.
In fact, Jennifer and Marc have been getting along so well recently that friends don't even rule out the possibility of getting back together again, to see if their relationship could be saved. While chances of this happening might look good, according to the celebrity e-zine, voices online are saying a reconciliation is unlikely, especially since Jennifer was photographed with her boyfriend Casper Smart a few days ago – and they looked pretty taken with each other, as the photos here will confirm.
If you’re one of the many who wrote letters to Taylor Swift over the past few weeks, your envelope might have just ended up in the trash. POP INTERVIEW: Celebrity Psychic Thomas John Makes Predictions on Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper…and Brian Balthazar!?

Felice Newman, publisher of Cleis Press since 1980 and an author herself, wishes to change the modern day attitude regarding feminism as a naughty word.
It may be scary to be one of Taylor Swift’s exes, but if you’re one of her fans, get ready to be treated like royalty.
Taylor Swift may be making her rounds amidst the young men of Hollywood, but there is one famous son whom she won’t be singing about anytime soon!
Taylor Swift fans should get ready: the country superstar has just announced that her newest album will be hitting stores in less than three months!
Remember that thing that we thought Zac Efron dropped on the red carpet at the premiere of THE LORAX?
Rumors have been swirling for the past few days about Zac Efron and Taylor Swift…are they dating? Sources very close to the former couple tell TMZ, months before the breakup, there was virtual radio silence between the two,” the e-zine writes.

There are no Long Island Theresa Caputo fingernails involved, but he has seen a large number of painted nails for well known clients like Jennifer Lopez and a slew of everyday folks paying for his services. Frankly, I think people are overanalyzing Taylor Swift’s reaction to Adele winning the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. He chatted about his work in an unusual, though lucrative, career path, tossed out declarations about celebrity love lives and tells me I am going to do things very unlike myself in my own dating life.

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