Rick Schroder and Jennifer Nettles have joined the cast of A Coat of Many Colors, the NBC movie inspired by moments in Dolly Parton’s childhood.
The Flash gave us the first look at Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick in the most amazing way possible.
The comic on the left is the cover for the classic story “The Flash of Two Worlds where Barry Allen originally met Jay Garrick. Showtime’s Twin Peaks sequel series will begin filming next month but it might not be ready to debut until 2017. When they filmed that Degrassi: The Next Generation reunion special, they also filmed material for a web series hosted by Adamo Ruggiero.
Laverne Cox is on today, lets hope they don’t forget to discuss amazing sex ed videos.
Andy Cohen shows up, as Billy gets his big chance to be on TV as the bartender on Watch What Happens Live. Season one winner Natalie Fletcher returns to guest judge tonight’s challenge, where the final four have to give their models a paint job that makes them disappear into a nature backdrop.
Janeane Garofalo shows up tonight as a teacher at the very free-thinking school where Jim’s kids attend.
Jeff and Gage are fighting thanks to the stress of moving and how they never properly mourned Stewie the cat’s death. Holly fights to get her boys back together after a fight prompts Haskell to angrily move out. Neil Patrick Harris is on tonight, lets hope there’s a few hints at his plan for Best Time Ever. Lyle Masaki is a fan of obscure superheroes, video games, adorkable guys and that show you loved that got cancelled way too soon. Speaking of Ne-Yo’s new lady, the “Atlanta Exes” star also opened up about recently meeting her.“Actually, it’s funny that you asked that, I recently met her – I met her this weekend.

Unfortunately, she’s still not sure about the future of her VH1 reality show “Atlanta Exes.” As previously reported, “Hollywood Exes” has officially been canceled. Erica Mena has been SHADING Bow Wow's Baby Mama for MONTHS, today Joie CLAPS BACK HARD! Jay Z must have thrown a CHAIR when he found out Beyoncé was at the Meta Gala flirting with W-H-O?!? Provide full address of your church, its pastor's name, and specify denominations your church belongs to.
Provide full address of you club or organization, description, and specify categories it belongs to. Trouble is brewing back home for Richie Sambora, but right now he is enjoying time in Bora Bora with his ex-wife Heather Locklear and their teenage daughter, Ava Sambora."He and Heather wanted to spend quality time together with Ava as a family," Sambora's rep tells PEOPLE. So much so that the former Bon Jovi guitarist even left his current girlfriend, singer-songwriter Orianthi Paraganis, home, says his rep. On Wednesday, after Sambora had left for Bora Bora, his ex-girlfriend and business partner, Nikki Lund, filed a police report claiming the rocker assaulted her and threatened to kill her.
Sambora and Locklear jetted to the South Pacific island paradise to commemorate their 17-year-old daughter's academic achievements, says his rep. Locklear, 52, has been linked to plastic surgeon Marc Mani and her former Melrose Place co-star Jack Wagner.
Sambora has said he is happy that he has such a good relationship with his daughter and his ex-wife. It’s amazing to have a superhero TV show that wears its love of the genre on its sleeve.
She’ll be performing at the Marbella, which gives Rogelio a chance to act on his long, bitter rivalry with the pop star.
She’s thrilled to show Jim the drawing his son made, but its subject matter is something that Jim would sooner throw in the shredder than put up on the refrigerator.

When I compared Tyrell to American Psycho, I was mostly expecting rampant corporate ambition in a cold, soulless shell and clean, upscale style that looks like it’s never been touched by an actual human. According to the mother of two, the breakup caught her off guard, but she dealt with it the best way that she knew how. As a mother, it’s my duty to meet the person that’s potentially going to be around my kids. Joseline Hernandez still has some choice words for Stevie J and she is FINALLY letting them out! The series would be a follow-up to the movie, following the characters as they deal with the societal changes that came after WWII. Yeah, it kinda does but it also has Amy Sedaris as the self-centered, frequently-inappropriate boss, and that’s probably enough to merit waiting to see if this show ends up being LGBT inclusive the way ABC Family shows usually are.
I wasn’t expecting Tyrell to actually start killing people, though at least that murder was nothing like American Psycho. And, like you said, the initials [Ne-Yo and Crystal recently got each other’s initials tattooed on their ring fingers] and everything – they hot and heavy over there. Usually, the second episode of the season features a catwalk challenge involving some kind of ridiculously-challenging catwalk. I was thinking John mostly existed in some other plane of existence, returning to our world only when production needed some funny narration or when Clelli needed a pawn to throw the Battle of the Block challenge.
Because everybody saw me on the show, and I was completely vulnerable and open, I’m not mad at admitting this,” she shared. It’s definitely time for me to meet her, get to know her, well start to get to know her, and that’s what I did.

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