I've come across so many that are clearly more artful poetry than real methods to engage the natural and unseen kingdoms. So, to help all of my students and those who desire to align themselves with the wisdom of the Sadulu House Spiritual center I offer a set of rituals and spirit guides for your spiritual growth and transformation.
As you learn to become the spiritual worker you remove yourself from this process and design your own reality based on your spells, incantations, rituals,mental magic, and all of the spiritual gifts granted to you by the divine. A spell is typically something thats perfomed through the aide of incantation and sound vibration. Take a class in spell work and magic with the Sadulu House today and become an ANU Priest or Priestess!! Your psychic powers are heightened during a Piscean full moon, so now is the time to explore your clairvoyant powers, tell fortunes and interpret dreams.
During the ritual in my Full Moon Spells and Rituals eBook, you will use Runes to help develop your inner sight. La luna llena en Piscis es el momento perfecto para aprovechar tus poderes de clarividencia, adivinar el futuro e interpretar suenos. Si deseas un hechizo de luna llena para incrementar tus poderes o necesitas mas informacion sobre los rituales y hechizos de luna llena de Agosto, puedes descargarte mi libro electronico Magia Wiccana Simple Hechizos de Luna Llena. Moon worship has been part of our history since the earliest days and ancient pagans discovered special energies that corresponded to the different phases of the moon.
The dark moon, which means the period after the waning moon and before the first crescent of light appears from the new moon, is the perfect time to heal, renew and rebuild. My Dark Moon Spells and Rituals  eBook contains 15 simple Wiccan rituals to help you eliminate negative energy in your life.
If you are feeling helpless or insecure, the Dark Moon Spell to Vanquish Lack of Power or Insecurity will be most useful for you.
This spell uses Rosemary to dispel fear, Basil for courage, Mint for success and Thyme for ambition, in any form you choose, e.g. On the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, the festival of Lammas or Lughnasadh is a traditional time to show appreciation for prosperity and an opportunity to generate more of the same. If you took advantage of yesterday’s full blue moon to charge your Witches’ tools and talismans, you will be assured of extra power and energy in your spellwork. If you need a Lammas spell, you’ll find the full ritual ceremony in my Simple Wiccan Magick Spells ™  Wheel of the Year eBook, along with recipes* to celebrate this festival. The next Dark Moon falls on August 14, so check back early for spell and ritual suggestions.
Some sources state that a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month, while the Farmers’ Almanac definition of a Blue Moon is the third full moon in a season with four full moons. Other sources hold that a true Blue Moon only occurs once every three or four years, when a full moon happens twice in the same astrological sign. A full moon in Aquarius is an ideal time for networking, resolving disputes and using personal power for the greater good.
If you like, you can also prepare the meal for an Aquarian full moon or a special Blue Moon menu of your choice.

As the Wiccan harvest festival of Lammas, or Lughnasadh, falls on August 1st, this Blue Moon is an ideal time to cleanse and charge your Witches’ tools and talismans. This July 2 full moon is in the sign of Capricorn, which is opposite the sun sign Cancer.  In Wiccan traditions, spells and rituals for career advancement, improving social skills and planning for the future, are appropriate. Would you like to remove your doubts and fears so you can attract more success in your career? Midsummer is an ideal time for spells and rituals to help you find direction, solutions to your problems and the determination to revolve them. If you live in the southern hemisphere, Australia, for example, you should read my posts on Yule, the Winter Solstice. En 2015, la luna llena de Junio es el dia 2.  A la luna llena de Junio se le llama tambien Luna de Aguamiel, Luna de Fresa, Luna de Miel o Luna de la Rosa. Una luna llena en Sagitario es el momento idoneo para realizar hechizos para comienzos exitosos en las areas del aprendizaje y educacion, asi como para viajes largos.
Si deseas un hechizo de luna llena del ritual del pendulo para nuevos comienzos o necesitas mas informacion sobre los rituales y hechizos de luna llena de Junio, puedes descargarte mi libro electronico, Magia Wiccana Simple Hechizos de Luna Llena.
A full fire moon will appear in the sun sign Sagittarius on June 2. Known as Strawberry Moon, Mead Moon, Honey Moon or Rose Moon, it’s the right time for spells related to higher education and long-term journeys.
This is the last full moon before Midsummer, or the Summer Solstice on June 21, so you should cleanse and charge your Witches’ tools.
If needed, my Full Moon Spells & Rituals eBook shows how you can easily create a personal power talisman using a favourite piece of your own jewellery. The internet is filled with spells and rituals for almost anything you could imagine wanting to do but, the challenge is determining how effective the spells actually are.
Some are just regurgitated from old texts and are calling upon energy matrix's that are no longer active or full of power and kinetic energy to actually serve a purpose. It fashions a mind and feeds into the larger social ritual that is enacted against it's unknowing passive participants. Language sets the tone for our perceptual reality so, when you learn to fashion your language along with natural formulas you can even change the perceptual reality of the Gods! It is a skill we all have in varying degrees of strength, so why not take this opportunity to examine and enhance your own natural abilities? Los poderes psiquicos estan ahora elevados, asi como tu habilidad para comunicar con el mundo espiritual.
Unlike full moon spells, which are more powerful when done at certain times, these rituals can be performed according to your needs. It’s also your chance to evaluate the progress of your dreams and goals and to take steps towards their completion.
According to Wiccan tradition, as it is in the sun sign Leo, it is considered to be a Full Air Moon in the opposite sun sign Aquarius. Since each season typically has only three full moons with definite names for each, an extra moon could cause a mix-up, so the third moon is termed blue. When you are celebrating this Blue Moon, you may follow the ritual for a full air moon in Aquarius.

My Full Moon Spells eBook has a ritual that will help identify your special cause and channel your talents to help others. However you decide to celebrate, know that the universe will be tuned in to your vibrations in a powerful way.
Or, you may want to combine your spells work for a super ritual and celebrate both the Blue Moon and Lammas on July 31st. You can also use this time to attract new and positive vibrations by first releasing any old or negative energy. If you need such a spell or would like more information on this and other full moons, as well as recipes for each, you will find them in my Full Moon Spells eBook. In Wiccan traditions, the Holly King vanquishes the Oak King and we begin our slow and steady descent toward the darkness of winter.
My Witches’ Cook Book has recipes for every Sabbat, plus 12 full moons for a total of 56 recipes. Predominan las actividades al aire libre, asi como la intuicion, independencia, curacion y perdon. Wiccans also traditionally use this time for spells to promote healing, forgiveness, independence and intuition.
If  needed, you can find more information on appropriate spells and recipes in my Full Moon Spells & Rituals book. As it is in the opposite sun sign Scorpio, Wiccan traditions state that this full water moon is an ideal time for spells and rituals to increase your personal power. My book also shows you how to make your own set of runes using small stones and a felt pen marker.
Las flores correspondientes son gladiolos, amapolas y girasoles: las piedras son onice, peridoto y ojo de gato. Your touch stones, which you will use during the spell and as a reminder afterwards, are Bloodstone for courage and Muscovite to dissolve insecurity and self-doubt.
Porque el signo solar es Geminis, (22 de Mayo – 21 de Junio), la luna llena es en Sagitario. Este hechizo se centra en utilizar tu intuicion para ayudar a crear un comienzo nuevo en cualquier proyecto. If you’ve already created a personal power jewellery talisman, you may cleanse and charge it tonight. Porque el signo solar es Virgo, (24 de Agosto al 23 de Septiembre), la luna llena es en Piscis.

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