After dating for a few months, your significant other will be used to your drunken text messages and sloppy voicemails after a night out; but save these messages for after getting to know someone first.
No matter how bad you have the hots for your boss, after a few tequila shots is not the time to act upon those feelings.
Don’t worry Night Tappers, there are plenty of people who would appreciate your drunk texts. This entry was posted in Advice, Humor and tagged drunk texting, drunk texts, texts from last night. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. And while drunk texts can definitely provide us with limitless entertainment the following day, there are just some people in our phonebooks we should never, ever drunk text, no matter how messed up we are!
They make fresh squeezed lemonade and warm chocolate chip cookies when you come over, and tell stories about the “good ole days.” Don’t ruin that special relationship you have with your Grandparents with a drunk text or dial.
Roommates, college buddies, the people sitting across from you at the pub, and bootycalls are all appropriate choices to drunk text.

Maybe you have had one too many cocktails, and “your song” is playing on the jukebox and you feel yourself slowing spiraling into a melancholy state.
Even if you’re at the bar and your Dad texts you to ask you if you want to go to the Lakers game next week, wait until you are coherent enough to formulate an “adult” response to any texts coming from the parental unit.
Same goes for texting your boss about a promotion, your work load, or anything else applicable to work. Nine times out of ten they won’t be able to understand a word you are saying and even if they do, would you really want your sweet old Granny seeing you as the drunken idiot you are?
Just be careful where you send those precious intoxicated messages though, because while memories fade, text messages are forever. Cause trust us, no boss needs to know how much we “fzjucking” hate them or our shitty ass job at 4 am, do they? Chances are, a drunk text to your parents will not soon be forgotten (unlike texts between your also drunk buddies) and may be used against you or brought up at a family Christmas dinner for everyone’s entertainment. Even if your Vet Grandpa also enjoys washing his evening down with a few bourbons, try to stop yourself from drunk texting your Grandparents.

Texting an ex not only tells that person you aren’t over them, but that you are so lame that you can’t have fun without thinking of them. Unless you are calling your ex for a no-strings-attached late night booty call, fight the urge, you’ll thank me tomorrow. Put all colleagues and people you work with in a separate category in your phone to refrain from accidently texting while drunk. You'll never remember class time, but you'll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends.

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