Besides the strings as we have seen in the previous lesson, a cell can also use a numeric value. Sometimes Microsoft Excel will not recognize a series with just one value, this happens when the series is not obvious. Position the mouse on the Fill handle, which is on the lower right border of cell C2 (because both cells are selected).
Position your mouse on the Fill Handle in the lower right corner of the selected cells (in cell C8). How many times when we wanted to do a report in MS Excel, we will have to use the Merge tool to merge a few columns together so that it’ll look presentable. What about writing a few text on multiple lines and we instead enter the new line of words on a separate row? Refer the above picture, if you would like to wrap the text into one column, here is what you should do.

If you would like to view the instructions in graphical manner look at the graphical steps below.
He is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, Java programmer and also a social media enthusiast. He is also the author of Daniel Chew the Wanderer, which showcases his travel logs and adventures other than being a techie. Sometimes you may want that you will place a text file into a specific range of your worksheet.
In "Text Import Wizard-Step 1 of 2" dialog box, select the 'Delimited' Radio button, then click on the 'Next' button, deselect 'Tab' and select 'Comma' from the 'Delimiters' list, and Select 'Finish' to end our job with "Text Import Wizard-Step 1 of 2" dialog box. Excel Export To Multiple Text Files Software offers a solution to users who want to export multiple MS Excel files to multiple text files. For example, if you type 1970 in a cell and drag the Fill Handle, the computer would not know whether you want to increment the number by 1, 2, 4, or 10.

You will at first think that you have to import the text file in a new workbook and then copy the data and paste it into your range where you wanted to place it.
If you double click on "DSE Index.csv" file, direct "Text Import Wizard-Step 1 of 2" dialog box will appear. To define a series, type the beginning value, then in the subsequent cell type the incremental values or the value that will be used to define the series.

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