The ZALA team have gathered a few photos from our gorgeous customers who were more than happy to share their amazing results once our tape hair extensions were applied into their hair. Pictured below are a few more before and after tape hair extensions photos of the amazing results achieved. For more info and photos of before and after tape hair extensions, please visit our full website here. This entry was posted in Tape hair extensions and tagged before and after, length, shade, style, tape, tape hair extensions on August 19, 2014 by admin. You will wake up to beautiful eyes every morning, with little to no maintenance.2) You still look like you! Lasting up to 6-12 weeks and available in all lengths and shades, tape hair extensions have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years.

Made from 100% European Remy Virgin hair and strong USA made tape that lasts up to 8 weeks once applied. Eyelash extensions offer a natural look that other options such as strips and tabs cannot.3) They last through whatever activities and events you partake in, whether it be swimming, working out, vacations, etc4) You won't need nearly as much makeup, especially eye makeup since extensions make such a noticeable difference. Whether you want a glamourous look or a more natural look, it will have everyone guessing what the big difference is.
One less thing worry about on your trip, just wake up and hit the beach, no makeup necessary.7) While adding thickness and volume to your natural lash growth, which can diminish with age, lash extensions can take years off your face. This is partly due to their lustre and sweeping density, but also the way they bring dull eyes back to life.
Lash extensions do wonders for tired eyes.8) Time does not wait and we know most people have a very busy schedule.

Eyelash extensions save time and effort when you're in a rush to get out the door or make it on time to that dinner party. If you must, a sweep of mascara or a bright colored lipstick will do the trick, no heavy eye makeup necessary.9) Not only do they look beautiful and feel natural, they are comfortable to wear, and unlike strips or tabs they don't weigh down your lashes. After application, you wouldn't even know you had them done.10) You can keep going back for refills. You have the choice and freedom of changing your length and volume each time you get a fill.

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