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The fun is only just beginning when mysterious events will shake up your corner of paradise. And I’d like to say thank you to the owners of each character for letting me use them.
Birthday Scenario Game is a forum gaming and social media activity that involves matching up the month and date of one’s birthday in a calendar list of pre-assigned situations or scenarios.
The original instance of Birthday Scenario Game was posted via webcomic blog Chibird[1] by Jacqueline on June 14th, 2011. Prior to the introduction of Birthday Scenario Game, the concept of word association games based on personal information has been previously explored through the No.

About a month later, a text-only version of the game was submitted by Seventeen Answerology user mariella14 on July 13th, 2011. In 2012, the Birthday Scenario Game continued to take strong hold on Tumblr[4] and DeviantART[6] and seeped into various imageboard and discussion communities, including the PetRPG Forums[8], Neoseeker Forums[9] and MLP Forums[10] among many others. Researching Now The Dover Boys 7,551 views Dat Boi 313,423 views Running Man 46,623 views Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 7,509 views Views from the 6 Cover Parodies 12,378 views Suggest a Change   Edit History Entry Editors GamerGuy09 bleepbleep Brad Le Editor + Request Editorship View All Editorships Hot Today Here's Some of the Best Twitter Reactions to That Big Jon Snow Reveal 39,355 views ?Que opinas? Similar to other birthday-related word games and survey memes, the Birthday Scenario Game has a particularly strong presence on Tumblr and Facebook. The list consisted of various phrases and pop culture references paired with 12 months and 31 days of the calendar year, with each month representing an action and each date representing a well-known fictional or non-fictional character.
Throughout the latter half of that year, the game quickly spread across a wide range of online communities, blogs and other websites, including social networking sites like Facebook[2] and Google Plus[3], microblogging platforms such as Tumblr[4] and Pinterest[5], as well as the digital art community DeviantART[6], where the meme spawned dozens of variations of the game that are designed for specific fandoms.

Beginning as early as March 2012, Redditors[7] began sharing their matching results along with their reactions through the medium of rage comics.
According to the description, Jacqueline came up with the game based on an elementary school game she was introduced through a friend.

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