Starting this September, Socially Jen  is very excited to be launching our new project: Spotlight on Small Business! So here’s the deal, starting once a month, and then moving to a once-a-week contest, we will be featuring a blog all about a special small business and the stuff they create.
Stay tuned with us to learn more about these fabulous businesses, and for your chance to win some of their unique items! After being trolled by the supposed help team, I gave up on this frustrating quest and went to my sister for help. We have dreamed up this idea with the intention of shining the spotlight on small businesses, both locally and nationally & giving our readers the chance to win the awesome products they create! We will be posting a link to the blog, as well as pics of the goods, and after you- yes you!
We are looking for some creativity, and the Socially Jen team will vote each contest for the winner, based on the most unique and creative answer! For example, I tried to add people from my contact list (who I know have Kik Messenger) but it said none of my contacts have an account.

No matter who or what you’re looking for, Moco is the #1 app to make new friends for chatting, flirting, dating, friendship or fun. We’ve already been in touch with several sweet stores, and we just CAN’T WAIT to get this party started! Over 50 million users worldwide are taking advantage of the newest form of instant messaging. Because its apps like these that are replacing the advertising-cluttered social media sites like Facebook. There are MILLIONS of REAL people online and chatting right now, nearby and around the world. For those who can remember, Kik Messenger is kind of like the old Yahoo and AOL instant messenger except it’s only for smartphones. This is the following conversation we had; all I wanted to do was find out why none of my friends had been added. Moco is completely FREE – chat and message with people with no limits, create your own custom profile with your favorite music, videos, backgrounds, wallpapers, animations and more!

But this isn’t something you just know about; I discovered this through my younger sister’s Instagram page. Other than the strange philosophy, the only real information I got out of this was that you can tell when someone has read your messages. Other than the fact that these are both age restricted apps that no kids should be using without some kind of parental supervision, I think this is an interesting shift in social media. Instead, it will be replaced by a bunch of different other things like Instagram, Kik and Pinterest.

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