In addition to flirting, having a platonic female friend can just help you relate to women better. Any woman you date is going to expect (or even require) that her significant other show a little vulnerability and sensitivity from time to time. Nothing makes a woman feel better about a guy than knowing he’s gotten the seal approval from a trusted friend.
In addition to giving you access to her own personal pool of hot women, she can be an awesome resource out in the field as well.
When you’re stuck without a date to a wedding, work party or even a high school reunion, you know you can count on a female best friend to be your plus one. Having a cute girl on your arm can get you access to tons places you might not get into on your own.
A good female friend can give you fashion advice, relationship advice, and anything in between.
Not only does her seal of approval on the girl you date mean a lot more than it might coming from a guy friend, but she can also help you weed out insecure and jealous women.
Of course, while I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a platonic female friend, sometimes shit does happen and lines do get crossed.
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Eventually you might realize that a good friendship is worth more than one night in the sack. My BFF and I are both flirtatious people by nature, so we flirt with each other all the time (which probably explains why so many people think we’re secretly dating). And who can really blame them when you consider the likely reaction from their guy friends? If you’re a good guy and a good friend, your gal pal might just set you up with all of her single girlfriends. She will give you her straight up opinion on all the women you date, give approval on all your outfits, tell you when you need to get a new haircut, and more. They’re easy to pack and quick to slip on, and they protect against hot sand — just don’t get caught wearing them to the office. Timing-wise, the race is an ideal tune-up for next month’s Boston Marathon, which makes it a draw for many elites. If you would like to train your dog but are unsure how to begin, consider these recommendations. As a former barber he explains how to talk to your barber in a way that will get you the perfect haircut and we consider it a must read.
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Most of our other friends suspect that we are secretly hooking up but the truth is that our friendship is totally platonic.
They’d rather see their single girlfriends with a guy they know and trust than some stranger they met online.

You can send your gal pal out into the crowd to stalk your prey for you and then deliver her to you, ready to go. They’re not letting in single guys, but a hot chick can cut the line and take you along for the ride. A truly good friendship can survive a little accidental sex between friends as long as you’re open and honest with each other about it.
Flirting is something that most straight guys just can’t really do with their guy friends, but a female friend is perfect for that.
This only really works with a truly platonic friend and not a will-they-or-won’t-they kind of friend. She can assist you in learning to let down your guard in front of the opposite sex and force you to talk about your feelings without judging you or mocking you.
Even if she does nothing, just standing next to an attractive woman at a bar or club automatically makes you more attractive to other women there. And the next time you find yourself dating a woman who is interested in a threesome… you have a cute female friend waiting in the wings to be your third. I think that every heterosexual guy could benefit from having at least one close platonic female friend. And don’t even get me started on the benefits of having a lady with you at the strip club.

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