My Best Friend's Girl is no friend to anyone — not Dane Cook, not Kate Hudson and not really to Jason Biggs, though he's probably the funniest person in it. The movie is raunchier than expected, and above all clichéd, formulaic and thoroughly sexist.
Cook just goes overboard with the obnoxious aspects, and it's mystifying what the rather refined character Hudson plays would see in him. It borrows from much funnier movies such as Hitch, Wedding Crashers and My Best Friend's Wedding.

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Yes, this Lothario is a loutish boor, and Cook's limited talents work fine for that facet of the role, but he doesn't have the requisite suave sex appeal to make his luck with the ladies believable. The plan is simple: One date with him and his disgusting, irritating habits and women go running back to the guy they dumped. Hudson has none of her trademark charm, and Cook has yet to display anything resembling charm in any of his movies.

The assumption that women are this stupid is bad enough, but none of it generates a laugh, which is the biggest sin for a movie billed as a comedy.
The only real laughs involve Biggs and an eyebrow-shaving scene that's more slapstick than clever.

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