Maharlika is a restaurant in Manhattan's East Village that sells one of the strangest foods you can buy in New York City. We learned how to properly eat a balut from Maharlika owner Nicole Ponseca, and then took some back with us to the Business Insider offices to see how our co-workers would react to eating the balut. Watch our videos featuring: apartment rental tips, neighborhood and apartment tours, and more. From Battery Park to Washington Heights, NYC hotel guests have 320 square miles of the Big Apple at their fingertips. Times Square and Broadway musicals are always big headliners, and the newest Broadway theatre is the Marquis Theatre in the Marriott Marquis Hotel. After making the decision to visit New York City travelers will want to map out the attractions the city has to offer in order to make the most out of their trip. Central Park offers visitors a beautiful scenic escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and has been in the city for over 150 years. Ellis Island Immigration Museum provides its patrons with a look into what immigrant’s experience. Empire State Building gives visitors a great view of the city as travelers are able to go to the top and see over the skyscrapers.
Metropolitan Museum of Art offers guests over 2 million works of art from both history and from all over the world. Rockefeller Center is another attraction that tourists can take in no matter what time of year they are visiting New York City.
Of course, what trip to New York City would be complete without a trip to the Statue of Liberty or the Staten Island Ferry?
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke at the city’s famed Cooper Union last week to outline his vision for a “progressive city.” Celebrating 100 days on the job, he lauded his administration’s efforts, from the most mundane (nearly tripling pothole repairs from last year) to the most fundamental (making progress toward universal pre-K education and afterschool programs).
On every subject, the Mayor had a team on the job, the money in the bank, and the energy to get things done. To understand the Mayor’s vision of political life aright, one must note his constant emphasis on the efforts of city public employees.
It turns out, though, that the old-fashioned liberal Senator Kennedy was not Progressive enough. Mayor de Blasio’s idea of a responsive government is very different from the founders’ original.

Madison readily admits that if this were true, “its advocates must abandon it [the Constitution] as no longer defensible.” Why? Americans, Madison argues, are natural republicans–republicans in their heads and in their hearts, determined to show the world that “self-government” is possible.
On this point, at least, there is no daylight between the positions of the 1960s-style liberal Robert Kennedy and the 1780s-style liberal James Madison.
Today, the Progressives leap from responsible government to a responsive government in which government is the main actor in the American play.
The people are to show “the leaders the path.” But, it turns out, there is only one, progressive path, already marked out with thick hedges on each side. Of course, Frank Sinatra sang of becoming “king of the hill, top of the list, head of the heap”–a troubling ambition in a progressive city. David Corbin is a Professor of Politics and Matthew Parks an Assistant Professor of Politics at The King’s College, New York City.
It's called balut, andA it's basically a hard boiled egg with a partially formed duck fetus inside. It is submitted subject to errors, omissions, change of price, commission or conditions, or withdrawal without notice.
When it comes to things to do and see in New York's five boroughs, from time-tested icons like Lady Liberty to newer additions like the High Line elevated park, New York has something in store for everyone. Elsewhere in New York City, established museums like The Met, MoMA and Guggenheim are must-sees, but don’t miss the Museum of the Moving Image, American Crafts Museum and The Cloisters. Amble along the streets of Little Italy or Chinatown to discover great ethnic restaurants, duck into trendy galleries in SoHo, or catch a performance of the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park, and you’ll feel like a native of this world-class city.
The museum provides exhibits which are interactive, tours and even films that document the challenges that immigrants faced when going through Ellis Island. It has since been renovated since opening in 1913 and offers places to shop, places to eat and other things that travelers can do while visiting. The center is located in the heart of Manhattan and is known for the Christmas tree it displays every year and as being an ice skating rink. A planned trip to the Statue of Liberty will help visitors be able to plan to visit the crown of the Statue of Liberty as well. From police officers and firefighters to teachers and sanitation workers, de Blasio praised a “grassroots, people-powered government”—that is, rightly employed, the administrative extension of the progressive political movement.

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time in NYC wants police officers and firefighters who protect and serve, teachers who educate, and sanitation workers who pick up trash–and appreciates the efforts of the many who do their job well. Therefore, the essential humanity of men can be protected and preserved only where government must answer-not just to the wealthy, not just to those of a particular religion, or a particular race, but to all its people.
The republican principle, as Madison defines it later in the essay, requires “a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure, for a limited period, or during good behavior.” That is to say, republican government is responsible to the people, from whom it ultimately “derives all its power” and to whom it must directly or indirectly give an account of its stewardship of those powers. Their efforts obstruct if not eliminate opportunities for moral self-government, leaving the citizenry playing the role of a supporting cast at best, and a prop at worst. All we’ve really got to do is make sure everybody’s in the lane–get’em all signed up.
They are co-authors of “Keeping Our Republic: Principles for a Political Reformation” (2011).
Photographs, descriptions and information about the rentals reflect conditions at the time the photographs were taken or the descriptions or information obtained.
If shopping doesn’t appeal, don’t miss the chance to gain a broader perspective from the observation level of Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Plaza or see what King Kong saw from the top of the iconic Empire State Building.
The American Museum of Natural History has the Rose Center planetarium and other permanent exhibits. Tourists can learn the history of the island and the voyage that was taken to arrive by ferry.
We need you to go out in your communities and make sure families sign up for pre-K and after school. There are also several exhibits that change periodically so that the museum can offer new and different things for its visitors. Just as the Progressive politician plays the hero of the political campaign, it is the Progressive mayor and public employees who play the heroes of everyday life. We need you to keep leading the way, keep showing the leaders the path, holding your elected officials accountable.

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