The hotline follows a similar initiative on Twitter by the Swedish Institute, the government’s own PR agency. The question how to Find Your Nokia Lumia Phone Number has been asked 1627 times by our users. There are many online websites which provides you with a mobile number, which you can enter in WhatsApp as your own number and receive the confirmation code on that number. So, these are the three of my favorite sites to receive SMS online and verify WhatsApp and other similar services. The leading zero must be dialled when calling from within Germany and omitted when calling from abroad (to call abroad from within Germany, dial 00 before the country code).016 or 017 are the prefixes of mobile (cell) phone operators, so watch out when dialling these numbers, it can be expensive! The easiest way to find out what your phone number is, is call or send someone a text message.

You might be installing WhatsApp on a tablet or a PC and you might not have a Phone number where you could receive verification code from WhatsApp.
Thus you can verify the WhatsApp or other similar services without having a SIM or mobile phone. The only limitation is that many people are using these numbers, so it could be possible that the number you select from the list is already used for WhatsApp or any other application that you wanted to activate. When you install WhatsApp on your phone, it sends a verification code via SMS to your contact number. In this post, I’ll teach you how you can receive a verification SMS from WhatsApp or any other such service without providing your own mobile phone number. So, you’ll need to try few times to find the number that has not been already used for that particular service.

The German version of city names must be entered, even on the English language edition of the site.
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