Hispanics in the United States live longer than non-Hispanic whites and blacks, according to new data from the Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics. The statistics, which were collected in 2006 from death certificates reported in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and outlying U.S. The report noted life expectancy for Hispanic men at birth was almost 78 and if they reached 65, their life expectancy shot up to 84. Lead author of the report, Elizabeth Arias, a demographer for the NCHS, said there are a couple of theories why Hispanics live longer, but none of them conclusive. Arias also notes cultural factors such as family compositions, social networks, and behaviors such as smoking, diet could make a difference. Last winter, Shavi had been trying to survive as a street dog during the harsh Russian winter when her life nearly ended.  She was the victim of a hit-and-run, which resulted in two badly broken legs, among other injuries. She nearly froze to death, but two good Samaritans found her and brought her to a veterinarian.  They took their plea to find Shavi a home to the public, and only one person responded – Nina Baranovskaya. The woman brought the injured dog back to her Rostov-on-Don home, and nursed her back to health.  According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, she taught Shavi how to walk again, and trained her to understand basic commands. Though she would have loved to have kept her, obstacles prevented Nina from doing so.  Her apartment was too small, especially with three cats and two other rescue dogs, and her job and family commitments kept her from giving the new one as much attention as she needed.

However, only days after arriving at her new home, Shavi went missing after she dug a hole under the fence.  Panicked, her new owners called Nina to tell them their heartbreaking news – Shavi was once again fending for herself out on the streets. Almost two weeks later, Nina was walking down the road when she was startled by the sensation of something brushing up against her leg – it was Shavi!  Nina burst into tears, hardly able to believe that this dog walked so far just to find her.  When she leaned down, Shavi jumped right into her arms. What was most fascinating about the reunion is that during the time Shavi had vanished, Nina’s family had moved to a bigger apartment, about five bus stations away. Shavi was thin and haggard-looking, and once again, Nina nurtured her until she was healthy and confident that she wasn’t going anywhere again – this time she was Nina’s for keeps. About Melaniestudied English and has a bachelor's degree in psychology, with a focus on animal behavior, neuropsychology, and psychotherapy. Melanie was sharing this profile with Fred, who is new to the Life With Dogs family, so many stories that were written by Fred from April 2014 - June 2014 will appear under Melanie's name. The dog trusts her guardian angel implicitly, she loves her for nursing her back to health and wants to be with her and no other .
Non-Hispanic white women lived an average of 80 and half years from birth, and if they made it to 65, they lived an average age of almost 85 years. She shares two pit bulls (adopted from the SPCA Serving Erie County) with her family, as well as three adopted cats with her husband, Fred.

Yes, not everyone is able to look away when they see something terrible—fortunately there are some kind people out there who cannot. In non-Hispanic white males, life expectancy from birth was almost 76 years of age and 82 years if they reached the age of 65. She takes pride in being a grammar enthusiast and advocating for animals, the environment, equal rights, and humanitarianism. For non-Hispanic black males, those numbers dropped significantly to 69 years of age at birth and 80 years after they reach 65.
She loves camping, cooking, taking photos, listening to psychedelic rock and indie music, and making all sorts of crafty things - from charm bracelets and paper rose bouquets to kitty condos and feral cat houses! On top of all that, she is really beautiful, I’d bet she could be a model if she really went after it. That would probably bring in even more income so that taking care of her animals would be a bit easier financially.

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