Controversial legislation called the Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA and the Protect IP Act PIPA were withdrawn by Congress this Friday, January 20, 2012 as a result of intense protesting online.
Twitter has this week to the LA Times that it saves user information and stores the data on its servers for long periods of time. Yelp had a successful initial public offering today on Wall Street as the stock rose over 73 percent at one point during regular trading hours. Facebook isn’t getting “liked” by investors and comments are getting more negative as the stock price slides downward immediately after the IPO held Friday May 18 2012.
Twitter, the bourgeoning social networking website that lets users update their status with 140 characters or less, has stopped automatic tweets from the number one professional social media website LinkedIn.

AppData claimed today that Instagram lost 25 percent of its daily active user due to the selling pictures problem it had last week. Thanks to the connection to HealthKit and the Health app, you can send your heartbeat on the Apple Watch directly via message. Vous pourrez y retrouver tous les mois des reportages ou interviews de champions, des techniques de champions, des resultats de competitions, les dates de stages et des competitions, ainsi qu’une galerie photos (avec de nombreuses photos des competitions, stages, etc …). Twitter has a mobile featured that allows users to find friends on its social medianetwork called “Find Friends” for the Apple iPhone. Beware of fake friends.No, not fake friends as in haters or people in your network that are ‘frienemies’ – people that befriend you but actually don’t like you.

Movavi’s cutting-edge use of technologies provides high speed performance and efficient resource usage. With this ultimate collection of Movavi’s top programs, all accessible through user-friendly interface, you won’t need any other applications to manage your media files.

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