You can also type dxdiag in Run box and press Enter to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool box. This tool however may not report the exact memory of your video card and may also be reporting how much total shared memory is there between your video card and your system memory.
Birthstones have been around since ancient times, and in those days were believed to possess some magical force that could protect the owner or wearer of the stone.
However, modern birthstones are linked to calendar months, and each month has its own unique birthstone, with its own fabled properties. You can get many types of jewellery containing birthstones, such as birthstone rings, a birthstone pendant and birthstone earrings. The birthstone for this month is the garnet, which was once thought to be connected with the blood. The birthstone for this month is the amethyst, and the folklore attached to this gem associates it with sobriety, tranquillity, protection and peace.
The amethyst birthstone comes in varying shades of purple, and can be a pale lilac in colour. This month's birthstone is aquamarine, which has been linked to the making of new friends as well as affection and love, hope and health.
As the name of this birthstone suggests, it is a green-blue in colour and has a rich, sparkling look. One of the most popular gems throughout history, diamonds are the birthstone for this month, and these stones are linked to love, eternity and strength. Diamonds are very strong and hardwearing, making them the perfect birthstone to wear on a daily basis. This month's birthstone is the beautiful emerald, once linked to health and the curing of ailments, as well as being associated with the ability to see in to the future, giving them an almost bewitching, magical reputation. These fiery green gems are amazing to look at, and can be found in a variety of shapes and cuts. The elegant pearl is the birthstone for the month of June, and this gem has been linked with chastity and modesty, making it something of an angelic, pure birthstone. The birthstone for this month is the ravishing ruby, a stone traditionally linked with protection and harmony.
Deep red in colour, rubies are stunning birthstones that will liven up and enhance any piece of jewellery. The birthstone for the month of August is peridot, which was commonly linked with protection against evil and night terrors, as well as a gem that enhanced the properties of healing drugs.
Lime green in colour, this birthstone is a by-product of volcanic action, and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sumptuous sapphire is the birthstone associated with September, and this gem has been linked with faith and purity, as well as foresight.
These birthstones look stunning in all types of jewellery, especially in white gold and platinum metal. The birthstone of October is the opal, a stone that has been linked to purity, hope and innocence.
This type of birthstone comes in white or black, and both variations have remnants of other colours within them. The birthstone for this month is topaz, once linked with sanity, healing, and life, as well as being connected to strength by the ancient Greeks.
This birthstone comes in a range of colours, all of which will enhance any jewel with a fiery sparkle. The given birthstone for December is turquoise, and this precious stone was once linked to happiness, fortune and luck, making it a very popular gem in centuries gone by. Turquoise can range in colour from mid-blue to a green-blue or light green colour, and this birthstone is unusual and beautiful, making it a very distinctive and unusual addition to any jewellery collection. Giving a birthstone to someone special as a gift means giving so much more than just a piece of jewellery.

Whether you decide to give a birthstone ring, necklace earrings or any other piece of jewellery, you will always find stunning pieces where the precious metal and the birthstone complement one another perfectly. Quotes about friendship - You find out who your real friends are when you're involved in a scandal. Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - Now a days you find out who your true friends are.
MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. The Windows Store also uses funds deposited in a Microsoft Account to allow you to buy different apps and games for your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 notebook, tablet, desktop or 2-in-1. Once inside the Windows Store, right-click anywhere to reveal a drop-down menu if you have a keyboard or mouse. Now, you should see your Microsoft Account’s current balance in the middle of your screen below Payment and Billing Info. Although PC gaming does offer a myriad of advantages over its console counterparts, unless you are the kind of gamer that constantly keeps their system up to date with the latest processors, graphics cards and memory, there is one worry that you have to overcome — can my PC run that new game I want? Most people who have updated their gaming system in the past few years will have no problem handling the above, especially since the graphics cards were released in 2009 (AMD) and 2010 (Nvidia). Those are a little beefier, but again there is nothing there that is too hectic for a lot of gamers. NVIDIA: GeForce GTX460 or better, GTX560 or better, GTX650 or better, GTX750 or better, or any card from the GT900, and Titan Series. AMD: Radeon HD5870 or better, HD6870 or better, HD7770 or better, R7 260X or better, or any card from the R-300 series, and Fury X.
How much memory does my Graphics card have?  How much Video memory does my Windows PC have? Or, a Windows 64-bit computer may show only 7.1 GB of usable system memory when 8 GB of memory may be installed. Many people love to wear jewellery set with their birthstone, as the ancient meanings and associations with these stones still intrigue them. Giving someone an item of jewellery set with their birthstone is a touching and wonderful gift, and whether you give them a birthstone ring, a birthstone pendant or a birthstone brooch, it is something that they are likely to treasure forever because it has real meaning and significance. This stone is supposed to protect the wearer from nightmares and offer guidance through the dark. This is type of gem that the wearer will treasure forever, no matter what item of jewellery it is set into.
This birthstone as also been linked to improving the skin and preventing baldness, as well as protection from deceit, so it has a lot to live up to! On the other end of the scale, you can also get deep violet amethysts, which means that you can enjoy a birthstone that is as subtle or as rich as you like. You can get aquamarine birthstones in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can also get this stone in varying shades of green-blue. This has contributed towards diamonds being the most popular gems of all time when it comes to romance, such as engagement rings and wedding bands.
You can enjoy many different cuts of this stone, and the fiery, glamorous sparkle given off by diamonds is positively captivating.
The beauty and richness of this stone makes it the perfect gem for birthstone jewellery, and is something that the wearer can show off and take pride in for a long time.
Pearls can look spectacular yet modest in all manner of jewellery from birthstone rings, to earrings and necklaces, making them a perfect gift. It was thought that the stronger the sparkle of the gem, the more faithful and honest the wearer.
This gem has also been linked to healing forces, friendship and emotion, so it has experienced its fair share of folklore over the years. Opals have a unique look and beauty, making them a very interesting birthstone with a strangely exquisite appearance.

This stone has even been linked to an ability to make the wearer invisible in dangerous situations.
Colours include golden, blue, pale green, pink and red, as well as some other rare colours. The ancient meanings associated with each of these birthstones make them extra-special, giving them a quality that is impossible to achieve with any other gem. Birthstone jewellery makes a unique, beautiful, and affordable gift with real sentiment behind it. While we are confident in our products, we completely understand need of independent verification for your peace of mind. It used to be that every product from Microsoft, the Xbox and even Windows Phone had their own separate marketplaces with their own separate currency. Because all of Microsoft’s stores are now integrated, the value shown on the Xbox website is also the same value all of your other Microsoft products share.
Be careful not to check the box labeled Keep Me Signed in if you’re on someone else’s computer, or if someone you don’t trust with access to your account has regular access to your computer. The amount of money currently in your account should be displayed in the middle-left side of your screen underneath Transactions. Once logged in there, your Microsoft Account’s balance is also shown at the top of the screen. If you have a device with a touchscreen then slide your finger from the top-edge of your screen to the middle. Fortunately, Ubisoft has released some minimum and recommended specifications for Rainbow Six: Siege ahead of its December 1 release date, so you have some time to upgrade your rig if needed.
However, according to Steam’s Hardware Survey only about a third of all gamers can match the 2GB recommendation for VRAM, so that may be a limiting factor for many. Under the Adapter tab, you will find the Total Available Graphics Memory as well as the Dedicated Video memory. It will not only give you information about your RAM, Graphics card and video memory but also other important system information. Garnets are traditionally thought of as deep red, but actually come in a wide range of colours, so there is something to suit every taste for this month.
This birthstone is very hardwearing, and its strength and durability will ensure that it lasts for a very long time. These are strong and durable gems that will last for years to come, and can be passed down to future generations. Therefore we offer free valuation certificate from an independent certified valuer for all purchases over ?600. So, let us help you with a simple chart that will enable you to be sure about your ring size. Thankfully, Microsoft fixed that issue and united many of its stores with the release of Windows 8.
Depending on the way you’ve configured your device, you may have to open the Windows Store from the complete list of installed apps by clicking on the arrow in the bottom-left corner of your device or by swiping up on the Start Screen.
Today, there’s no way to access your Microsoft Account information directly from an app in Windows Phone. The valuation certificate unambiguously states the replacement value of the jewellery and can be used for insurance purposes. Unfortunately, it didn’t make finding how much money you have in a Microsoft Account any easier to find out.

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