Napoleon’s general, and later Marshal of the Empire, Michel Ney was born the son of a cooper (a wooden-barrel maker).
Ten months later, Napoleon escaped his exile and started his 500-mile march to Paris, gathering soldiers along the way. Posted on October 2, 2013 by mrodenberg.This entry was posted in Miscellany, Paris, The Man and tagged Bonaparte, Marshal Ney, Napoleon, Ney.
This website follows my adventures and thoughts as I write a novel told from Napoleon’s point of view. In 2011, research took me to Paris (of course!), Corsica (Napoleon’s birth place), and St Helena (an island—still without an airport—in the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean where Napoleon died in exile). Synopsis: Father-and-son clownfish, Marlin and Nemo, become separated in the Great Barrier Reef, and little Nemo ends up in a dentist-office fish tank. Our very own Frogette - Raney Lasusa -  decided to finally write down her rules for Parisian Chic.

Originally a non-commissioned officer, Ney rose through the ranks due to his courageous leadership in battle. In 1814, he helped force Napoleon’s first abdication, telling the Emperor that the Army wanted peace and would obey its chiefs rather than the Emperor himself.
Ney bragged to Louis XVIII that he would bring “Napoleon to Paris in a iron cage.” However, when Ney encountered Napoleon, Ney’s soldiers deserted him to join the Emperor’s forces.
Inspired by Ines de la Fressange's "Parisian Chic: A Style Guide" - we followed Raney around attempting to capture Paris street style in Dallas. Anne is Brazilian-French and is known for adding that sensual pop to Parisian simplicity and elegance.
Of course, a feature on French style would not be complete without a little wine tasting lesson - so you can be oh so sophisticated!
Tradition holds that he was the last Frenchman to leave Russian soil during the disastrous retreat from Moscow in 1812.

It’s true that Ney and his forces were not where Napoleon had designated they should be and that Ney diverted other French troops away from the main fighting.
Raney's French-American, and well you figure, she's got to be able to impart some of Paris' secrets. And last but not least, check out our 3-Day Shopping Guide to all the "French" things to do in cosmopolitan Dallas.

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