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The biggest, most daunting question was: Who I would choose to live with for my first year of college? But we got less and less excited as we heard best-friend-turned-roommate horror stories again and again. We knew each other so well and got along so well that we realized if we roomed together, we would probably end up never making new friends.
I friend-requested the girls I thought would be a good match for me, and then I got really nervous.
Devon GrigerA friend of mine from Perry, in south Georgia, who is going to school with me next year told me over the phone one day that he had a friend named Devon Griger who would be there, too, and was looking for a roommate. Megan Ernst, a recent graduate of Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School in Sandy Springs, is an intern at Reporter Newspapers.

I didn’t have those keep-you-up-at-night worries that my future happiness and success would depend on the school I chose.
Among 3,000 incoming freshman girls, I would have to find someone I wanted to live with, and I had to find her before someone else did.
My best friend and I have known each other since kindergarten and we’ve dreamed about going to college together for almost that long.
We could stay in our room all day talking and having fun, and when we left, we could end up just staying in that best friend bubble.
She drove to Atlanta from Perry one Sunday afternoon and when she showed up at my house, I was surprised to see my friend with her. The second she left, I took the leap and texted her to ask if she wanted to be my roommate. We were both ecstatic to get into the college we had dreamed about attending and just assumed it’d be a great idea to room together.
That seemed perfect in kindergarten, but we decided that we could widen our group of friends if we chose to room with different people.
The great thing was, as soon as I made my profile on roommate e-Harmony, other girls had been doing the same thing to me.

I hadn’t seen him since summer.It made my first encounter with my potential roommate less awkward. It’s the first time I had to choose someone to live with—up until now living anywhere but with my family wasn’t an option. The matching service is designed to find people similar to you based on your answers, so if you lie, it will match you with people you won’t be compatible with in reality. Should I start with “Hey, are you looking for a roommate?” or just “Hey, I see you’re going to the same college as me!” I wanted these girls to like me, so I had to be sure I said it right. I started some conversations, but as we got around to asking more specific questions about next year, no one seemed exactly right.
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