Acknowledging the fact that you were both no longer 18 years old is normal.The woman that used your husband and ultimately inflicted pain on you, was simply playing a game and doing whatever she could to provide for her family. To do this she played on his emotions and told him exactly what he wanted to hear to make him feel better about himself. I am very sorry to hear your story and I certainly wish you all the best.I know he violated your trust, and I know that trust is the basis for any relationship. But please keep in mind, as you obviously know, this woman is a professional con artist that uses her words and body to manipulate men and get what she wants.I wish you all the best please take care of yourself and you should realize that in no way is this your fault. When people betray people that they love, often times the victim blames himself and thinks they could’ve done more to prevent it.
I know exactly how you feel the shock, pain, tears, loss and mourning of a marriage which ends suddenly.It takes two to tango but as Mark wrote above SHE played with your husbands already lacking self-worth. I’m not saying he is not as fault he damn well is but Thai girls are vindictive jealous predators.

She too was a bar girl from Insomnia and my naive dumb ass husband thought she served drinks for a living. A second phone, late nights at work, change in his appearance but I thought nothing of it because I trusted him. Then one day as I was putting away the assholes laundry , which I’ve been doing for 25 years, I found a SIM card in his sock drawer. I put the SIM card into my phone to check what the number was and recorded the number down. I then put his SIM card back and rang telephone companies to find out if the number belonged to them.
Finally JACKPOT one company said it was a pre paid account and the most called number on the account was a number in Thailand. He had met her family in Khon Kaen too and even stayed in their home for a couple of nights.

She and her family were living in the lap of luxury with money that belonged to the 3 children I had with my idiot husband.You lost $40,000 I lost $100,000 and she too was from Khon Kaen. She told me they met in Insomnia club in Pattaya and that he was sending her $900 (Australian) every week!
Yes the community knew she was a prostitute but when it was bought to light that her prostitution was leaving 3 children in a broken home they, unlike you, sympathised.

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