The word paludarium stems from the Latin words "paludal" (relating to marshes) and "arium" (a place of or connected to). Also, when establishing a new system, introduce only a few species at a time over several weeks - if not months. FISH: Friendly community species, such as guppies, platys, tetra, hatchetfish, and many more, will do well in a paludarium environment.

Foggerscreate an exotic atmosphere and offer much needed moisture and humidity to your reptile's air.
TidyTurtleis a natural cleaner that helps break down organic debris, sludge, and odor often found in paludarium water. In order to create a realistic paludarium, wood, rock, plants, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and more can be used in combination to create a unique and natural-looking waterscape.

Avoid overpopulating your paludarium or you'll find water quality very difficult to maintain.

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