Puerto Rican actor Carlos Ponce and his girlfriend spotted out for a walk in Beverly Hills, California on March 17, 2014. Are you sad Carlos broke up with his girlfriend, or do you think he is better off without her? The 23-year-old actor tweeted to his followers over the weekend with a fun Keek video, “I Inherited a cat.
Carlos and girlfriend actress Alexa Vega are also pictured at a post-Easter Sunday Service brunch.
Remember when these stars referred to their boyfriends as being “like a brother” before dating them? The first time I felt the craving for a girlfriend, I thought there was something wrong with me.
But – if you want a girlfriend, chances are you probably know there are a few steps to accomplishing this, right? Think about it for a second… if she’s a hot property, does she *need* to be using an app to find guys? Obviously, if it’s an event or location that people typically go to, ask yourself what kind of girl goes there. My feeling is that if you’re a good person of character, then you deserve to have the girl you want.

And if you make her life more enjoyable for it, than it’s more of a tragedy to let her go and fall into the arms (and bed) of some player who hurts her. You have to be able to hook her fast, to make sure she doesn’t fall in with one of these bad-boys. If she responds to you with a smile or even a polite laugh, she’s trying to get you to feel welcome and comfortable. You don’t have to say or prove anything in this direction the first time you talk to her, either.
And that subtly implies that you’re at least high value enough to see HER value in the first place. The first part is that you have to get her to feel like you’re real and genuine enough that she can be connected to you. And it makes it sound like you’re high value enough to not need to lock it down this second. Some guys like to try to get a girl on a date right away when he’s first talking to her. The true measure of your ability is to turn this meet up into ANOTHER one, which establishes that there is attraction, and that there will be even more to come.
If you get to date #3, the odds are with you that this girl could not only become your next girlfriend, she’s very likely to pull you into the sack with her.

So there you have it – FIVE kick-ass ways to kick-start your mission to find that one special girl to create awesome memories with.
But if you want to get there FASTER and avoid those deadly, attraction-killing mistakes along the way, then my advanced program on getting your dream girlfriend is what you need. Carlos confirmed the breakup himself, spilling, "On a sad note, Sammy and I did break up. It sounds nuts sometimes, but the truth is that guys really do want a cool chick to hang out with and do things with. But the douchebags stack the odds in their favor by simply being the guy who isn’t intimidated by her beauty. If you express that you’re impressed with her, it means that you hold enough status and value that you can make that judgment. Once you start using these basic steps, you’ll be MUCH CLOSER to the Holy Grail of Dating that other guys can only dream about. And don't forget to pick up the July issue of TWIST to find out juicy deets about the filming of the new season of Big Time Rush!

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