Imgur user waffleguru created this custom ammo box as a gift to her boyfriend for Christmas this year. As an extra nice touch, waffleguru locked the box up and presented her boyfriend with a bobby pin to open it up.
The swag inside included a custom Vault Dweller’s survival guide, a handmade Stimpak packed with red candies, a box of caps, a jar of Rad-X filled with gummy bears, a couple of Grognak the Barbarian comics and some faux-shotgun shells filled with Nerds candy. It’s nice to know that I am not the only person out there who has been sucked into Fallout 4, heart and soul.
One geek had the idea to apologize to his girlfriend for playing the game so much, with flowers and a nice little note.
Considering women never forget anything, I suspect all the Fallout 4 time I’ve spent at the computer will eventually result in me having to take my wife to see some crappy chick flick or even worse, dance at the Christmas party.
Reclaimers search for and recover parts from the White Whale that have been scattered across Mira in the crash landing made after being shot out of the sky. They pioneer, scout and survey Mira’s unexplored territories, and collect materials from across the landscape.

Prospectors use the aforementioned FrontierNav system to mine for minerals and resources, with the aim of maintaining peoples’ livelihoods through their exploration and acquisition of resources. They support the development of the Arms Manufacturers in New LA, and are developers themselves of weapons and equipment for Skells and ground troops. Mediators’ core objective is to resolve problems between citizens of New Los Angeles, acting as community problem-solvers of sorts. Download this wallpaper, right click on your desktop, click on properties then desktop and there you will find browse button. I pulled up to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and the first thing I thought of when I saw the pile of tree trimmings lying there was that would be at least 30 units of wood and half the wall around my settlement. They also focus on recovering lost items from the battlefield, such as weapons that may be left behind from fallen comrades or Skell scraps that have been torn off in the heat of combat. To obtain Division Points as a Curator, players are tasked with finding and acquiring collectibles as well as defeating Tyrants, like the Reclaimers. They specialize in increased critical hit rates, allowing them to put up big numbers when combined with the right weapon, skills, and attributes.
There are eight divisions altogether, and if you’re anything like us, you want to start planning your character to the nth degree right now.

They are more likely to receive items from enemy drops, making them the token rogues of the bunch. So, let us break down each of these divisions, how to obtain division points and what specialty enhancement each division grants to players.
Division Points are boosted through retrieving White Whale wreckage and planting data probes. After he failed to pick the lock, she gave him the key and inside there were a bunch of Fallout goodies.

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