My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating simulator where you take on a role of a virtual guy’s girlfriend.
The actual dating process consists of you choosing one on four ways to interact: actions, activities, interact (touch) and speak. Sellers on Taobao - China's largest e-commerce website - have begun offering virtual girlfriend and boyfriend services via their mobile phones.
For that amount, your paid partner will speak to you on the phone, and send you text messages and IMs, listening to you moan about how bad your day was, telling you how wonderful you are, and wishing you sweet dreams before you go to sleep. The service may not be for everyone - but hey, it probably beats calling the speaking clock when you're lonely. Let me introduce you to Colston Trent McLeary – he’s a dreamy 37 yr old, interested in sports, books and volunteering. Invisible boyfriend is a site that “…let’s you have social proof your in a relationship….” The premise is you met this guy at Starbucks, began a relationship, but his job transferred him to –insert city of choice – so now you stay in touch via text. This text didn’t seem invisible at all – ummmmmm – it gave me the “what are you wearing right now…” awkwardness I mean, geeze, Colston, we barely know each other, a few Starbuck’s meetings & then you move away.

I’ve thought about this for at least 5 minutes, and I have decided to get my 10 free texts, and end my invisible relationship with Colston. You mentioned Brandon Carmichaels and now I have to go read all the sexy parts of that book again, sheesh!
Things you can do: Engage in conversation, Take actions, do activities together, Get him new outfits to wear, he even respond to your touch. First, you obviously have to get to the girlfriend status which takes some creative and relatively straightforward flirting and dating on your part. One lady, who goes by the nickname Xiaomi (no relation, we presume), said that she decided to become a virtual girlfriend in order to increase the number of people who visited her store on Taobao. Calls and messages from customers can come at any time, and she has to get up early to make wake-up calls to customers who like to speak to her first thing in the morning.
Going to the gym, on a Saturday night in New Orleans, whether he’s lying or not, it is totally unacceptable. Bigger question – has anyone paid $$ to continue a long term relationship with their virtual boyfriend?

Although there is some sex appeal to the game, There is no SEX, Porn, nudity or any other objectionable material for that matter.. The game consists of twenty levels at which you have progressively more options and alternatives for flirting and customizable men, so you can create the perfect guy for you.
Go ahead and check out My Virtual Boyfriend on the App Store and begging your virtual match making today. Furthermore, this game is not to be taken too seriously, It's not meant to replace a real boyfriend, husband or lover and, we claim no responsibility for:, marriages (or divorces) that may occur as a result of the experience. There are also interactive features, like 3D models so you can view your man from any angle, awards and achievements, activities you can partake in and many more that make dating a virtual boyfriend somewhat exciting.

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