Ex-friend of Judge Judy: I'll drop lawsuit if you give back my china set Former model Patric Jones is suing her former friend Judy Sheindlin for more than $500,000, but says she is willing to drop the suit if she gets back her Christofle Renaissance cutlery and Marley china, which Jones' ex-husband allegedly sold to the TV judge without her consent.
An ex-fashion model, Patric Jones, has sued TV jurist and former a€?BFFa€? Judith Sheindlin for $514,421.14 a€” but is willing to drop the suit in exchange for the immediate return of her Christofle Renaissance cutlery and Marley china that Sheindlin has. Jonesa€™ suit, filed last week in Los Angeles, says her estranged husband, Randy Douthit, an executive producer on Sheindlina€™s courtroom TV show a€?Judge Judy,a€? conspired to sell the objects to Sheindlin for $50,000 in 2009.
The transaction was allegedly conducted behind Jonesa€™ back while she and her husband were in the midst of a nasty divorce that includes allegations that an alcoholic Douthit beat her.

Jones had sued Douthit earlier over the china a€” only to learn Sheindlin had the fancy cutlery and plates, valued by a judge at $125,000. The suit against Sheindlin is based on a California statute that bars a spouse from selling any marital property to a third party without the consent of the married partner. Sheindlin dismissed the suit as the product of an embittered former friend with too much time on her hands.
The judge demanded their return, but the plates and flatware remain in Sheindlina€™s possession.

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