Hanging around a boy that still loves you may give him the idea that he could still get you back, and could hurt any possible new relationship you have. Make sure that you clearly communicate to him why things are over and why you do not want to get back together.
The relationship may be done, but your ex is not moving on!  Having an obsessive ex-lover may be stressful, and scary but you cannot allow it to keep you from continuing to move on.

Have you ever been in a relationship where when the person is trying to break up with you they tend to make a flower speech, and you end up confused?
It is hard enough for a man to get over you when he knows you no longer want him, imagine how much harder it is if he thinks that there’s a chance. Reklamador Facts, Obsessive Ex, Relationship Facts, Relationship Quotes and tagged all about Ex, Get Rid of your Ex, Mr.

For a chiq, in case he’s being particularly obsessive or you’re feeling particularly vicious, get a male friend to answer his calls.

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