The odds that youa€™re going to get back together with your ex- and everything will be great are extremely low. I know from deeply painful personal experience that getting back together with your ex- is the life-giving hope which every dumpee clings to at first, but therea€™s a reason I buried this section deep in the middle of this guide rather than at the front. If ita€™s going to work, ALL the initiative and work of getting back together needs to come from the dumper.
Going to your ex- and begging, bargaining, and offering whatever changes is not going to help.
The reconciliations Ia€™ve seen which work usually happen very quickly after the break up, quite often within hours or a few days. It happens very often that the ex- comes back to you partially, wanting some of the benefits of the relationship with you, but still doesna€™t really want to actually get back together.

Ia€™ve seen many cases of dumpees who acquiesce to every request from the dumper: emotional support, sex, date to weddings and other events, etc.
Very occasionally there are cases Ia€™ve seen on internet forums where a reconciliation happens and it works out well.
Ia€™ve seen several situations of successful reconciliation where the breakup was for external reasons, for example moving away, new job, or stress from issues related to family and children, finances, job. These really can be joyous situations where the commitment was questioned, examined and then restored to even greater strength than if it had never been tested at all. A long time later, the ex- has finally become just a painless memory and your life is going well again in all waysa€¦ and then out of the blue, the ex- shows up and wants to get back together.
But regardless of why, youa€™ve moved on, your life is better, and you realize that you dona€™t want to be back together.Thata€™s when you really know that youa€™ve healed.

Once it goes past that initial shock period, the ex- has had more than enough time to recover from any irrational, unintended breakup (to the extent those are even possible!). And you allow yourself to become a prisoner of the vicissitudes of your partner's new life.

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