Given the mission of feminism, there are people of all genders are invested and conditioned to keep sexism and patriarchy alive have fought to distort feminism for the public. Conservatives have done a very effective job of making feminism a “dirty word” so that many women and almost all men do not want to say they’re a feminist regardless if they agree with feminism or not.
Misrepresentations of feminism are so powerful that many progressives and liberals today don’t necessarily want to self-identify as a feminist even when they believe in what feminism stands for. As much as they believe in what feminism stands for, they still have difficulty thinking they’re a feminist due to the aggressive smear campaign on feminism. Feminists hate men and think women are better  – This is the biggest myth in the book and one that even some of the most educated, progressive people seem to think is true.
Only women can be feminists – Anyone committed to ending sexism and oppression can be a feminist, including men. Feminism only cares about women – Given its name, most people think feminism is a female thing but feminism is actually for everyone, not just women. Feminists are angry and irrational people – Let’s look at one of the issues that feminists get angry about.
Feminists are all butch lesbians – There certainly are feminists who are butch lesbians and we’re proud of them. Feminists don’t shave their armpits or legs – Some do and some don’t but why do you care? Feminists are useless – If feminists were useless then, women wouldn’t be able to be freely reading this right now.
Hey guys, here was a problem that was brought to me recently that I thought was so common it hurts.
The story goes, man likes woman, man spends time with woman, woman appreciates man’s friendship, man gets no sex.
Feminists stand against the sexism and oppression that society conditions us to perpetuate.
There are also certainly many feminists who are straight and look traditionally feminine and we’re proud of them too.

Thanks to feminists in the past, women can attend school, vote, hold political positions, choose to work inside or outside the home, decide if and when to have children, and choose when, if, and to whom they get married. This should only happen between a man and woman once a committed, long term, sexually active relationship has been achieved. If you are spending time together with someone you wish to bed, the time you are spending with them should only lead in this direction. That means both men AND women are raised to be prejudiced against women and limit what is possible for women to achieve.
We all know women and girls who have suffered from sexual assault, body image issues, street harassment, and domestic violence.
In fact, we welcome and work with people of any stripe and shade who are fighting for equality and recognize the humanity in all people. We don’t stay quiet when someone makes a joke at the expense of a certain gender, race, class, or sexual orientation or if they use a stereotypes that encourage prejudice.
There are a so many things that we take for granted everyday that we have earlier feminists to thank for. I have become quite the master of losing friends, getting laid I am still working on, but take these tips with you everywhere and I think you will be ok. You can upload as many images or files as you like and they will all be added to your comment.
The point is to eradicate the sexist and oppressive thinking and action in both men and women – not eradicate men. Feminism also supports men in freeing themselves from the limits of traditional male roles and conforming to the patriarchal definition of masculinity based on sexual prowess, physical strength, ability to fight, inability to express emotions, and being the breadwinner as the only role they can have in the family. Over time, this has led to seeing how essentially everyone – women, men, trans, non-binary, LGBTQ, people of color, poor, etc – is mistreated and exploited in socially acceptable ways due to their social status.
Popular culture teaches our young daughters that they have to be skinny, wear skimpy clothing, be sexy but not slutty, and focus on their appearance and not their education .
52% of gay men and lesbian women report at least one incident of coercion by a same-sex partner.

Also we don’t appreciate using homophobia to scare women into thinking feminism isn’t for them.
If someone was making fun of you and your family, wouldn’t you want someone to say something? We hope that future generations will thank us someday for making the future a more equal and safe place for everyone! All I am saying is that instead of say, going for a walk, go for coffee, or say the movies.
Male feminists are encouraged and supported to break free from traditional roles and discover what gives them a happy, meaningful life. Some men still believe an attractive woman must want attention from men even if she says she doesn’t, judge a woman’s value based on how much they want to have sex with her, and treat women “like she’s just a girl”.
Many men respect women but don’t know what to do when their friends begin cat-calling, when they see a friend taking advantage of a girl who has had too much to drink, or when they find out their girlfriend is a rape survivor or has experienced sexual violence. Instead, we are concerned about whether or not women feel pressured to look a certain “acceptable” way. Women, if a man needs you to do anything that isn’t involving skimpy clothing, just walk away. This is why feminists sometimes seem angry but we certainly are not irrational in why we’re angry.
If we need to say it loudly and risk looking “angry” and “unladylike” in order to stand up for women, men, and children who are being raped, we will.

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