It’s not uncommon for some men to stay friends with their ex-girlfriends and often, their new or current girlfriend wonders why he would stay friends with his ex. I think many women believe it’s for the purpose of either sex or just in case things don’t work out with the current woman, then he has someone to fall back on. I have remained friends with almost every ex-boyfriend or guy I’ve dated, not on purpose or by design, but simply because it just sort of happened. It’s always amazed me how someone can be completely in love with someone at one moment and then a few months or years later, they can’t stand the sight of them. There seems to be two different opinions on this and while some men find it absurd to remain friends with an ex, others feel it’s difficult to sever the ties and prefer to take the friendship with them. I asked about 95 men this question and a little over half of them told me they prefer to move on and not stay friends with an ex simply because there was no purpose in doing so; when it’s over, it’s over. There were men who told me they aren’t sure why they stay friends with an ex, but they knew they didn’t want to walk away from them. Of course there was the typical response of, “I might be able to get some extra sex from them and some great conversation.”-A 40 year-old single artist from Sweden.
I believe these types of friendships can be very rewarding and fun, however, both men and women need to be careful of falling into the trap of thinking that it means something that you’re still friends.
Not one man said that he stays friends with an ex because he’s secretly hoping that things will work out and they will get back together.

So don’t be fooled into thinking he’s keeping you around for something other than genuine friendship or casual sex.
Another married CEO from Pennsylvania in his late 40’s said: “I think it’s disrespectful to stay friends with an ex.
I’m sure the exception is out there and somewhere there is a couple that remained friends after a break up and got back together. Providing you are aware of his intentions, this type of friendship can be very fun and fulfilling because there is a level of comfort and trust in most cases. As with most relationships though, having very little expectations and not looking to the other person to fulfill your needs, is the best way to approach it. If you missed the introduction to this column, join me every week as I reveal men’s answers to hundreds of interview questions regarding women, relationships and what really matters to men. A lot can happen between two people in a short amount of time but ultimately you most likely loved the person at some point and believed you couldn’t or didn’t want to live without them.
I realize that women also stay friends with their exes for various reasons, but I was curious why men would do this. Plenty of men said they still had feelings for the woman even though they knew she wasn’t the one. Some men did say that they like having someone on the “back-burner” but that person was only really there until he found the right woman.

He may truly enjoy your friendship and company but he’s not hoping for a second chance at a relationship down the road. Guys usually do that because they are not 100% in love with the girl but they like her a lot and care about her.
However, the majority of men seem to remain friends with an ex because they genuinely care about them, can’t seem to let them go even though they know she’s not the one, or they’re secretly hoping she’ll be ok with being friends with benefits.
As long as you know that he’s most likely keeping you around for friendship and companionship and not much more, than I would say go for it and have fun.
A lot of the men I spoke to have a strong desire to stay friends with an ex simply because they cherish the friendship and enjoy the woman’s company. If he still cares about you and has feelings for you but you’re his ex, then chances are you’ll probably remain his friend and nothing more.
There are always some people in our lives who will forever remain special to us regardless of where we end up or who we end up with.

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