It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. They thought they were going out into the field to conduct some standard research on the common eel, but what these students didn't realize is that their scheming professor has been playing God behind closed doors.
Now, in order to make it out of the wilderness in one piece, these students will have to capture and kill the perfect predator. The plot remains as ever: Lorna (Polly Walker), a feisty 17th century Scots lass, falls in love with a much-despised landowner (Sean Bean).

But as the hunt gets underway, the desperate group realizes that an old friend of the professor's is also on the hunt for the very same fish. As if dueling scientists weren't enough to contend with, the local sheriff shows up gunning for two escaped convicts who will stop at nothing to ensure they remain free men. Davie Alan Webb as James Brown Ross Ford as William Traill Henry Stephenson as Sir Charles Loring Alan Napier as Lord Provost Sara Allgood as Mrs. Login Critic Reviews for Lorna Doone There are no critic reviews yet for Lorna Doone.

I think that if Clive Owens' acting had been a little better i would also have been able to hold out but he was horrible.

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