Each girl becomes available as you progress through the game but not all of them are aquired through missions.
Each girl has their own unique favourite type of date (which we will go into later in the guide), but each girl likes flowers. Location: Do the mission Burning Desire and you will meet denise and become her girlfriend in that mission. Tastes: She doesnt seem to be bothered about CJ's appearance as you meet this girl in a mission. Date she likes: If she asks to do a driveby, go into enemy gang territories and try to find some enemy gang members. Rewards: After 50% progress with denise, the green hustler parked outside her house becomes unlocked, but if you get a tractor or tow truck, you can drag the hustler to your garage and unlock it that way.
Date she likes: Helena likes to eat in restaurants and the closest place to take her is the reastaurant in Rodeo, Los Santos.
Tastes: She likes a fat man, so get CJ up to at least 50% fat (a few visits to a fast food restaurant is all this may take. Date she likes: She really likes drinking dates so take her to one of those, if she wants that kind of date.
Rewards: As soon as you start dating her, you can use the garage next to her apartment, which acts as a pay n spray only it's free. Location: At the north east corner of the golf course in San Fierro, katie is practicing Marital arts near some bushes.
Date she likes: If she requests a food date, take her to the diner just north of her house. Rewards: Dating Katie allows you to come out of hospital with your weapons, which is cool enough reason to date her.
Date she likes: If she wants a food date, take her to the diner just south west of where you pick her up. Tastes: Because it's for a mission, there is no special taste that you need to satisfy in order to go out with her.
Hi everyone i will never forget the help the Mother Esango Shrine render to me in my marital life. Ok for those how want to impress gilrfreind how like muscle and you have a gym glich I'm sorry but. You need to log in if you want to post a comment.If you do not have an account, please register.
A clickable map of San Andreas with the locations of all places, where you can find your girlfriends and gifts for them.
The slot machine is common, where you put in a coin and wait until three of the same symbols appear. When you bet on a color, you win only when the chosen number has the same color as you bet.

Two Pairs - you must have two pairs of cards of the same value, for example: two 5s and two 6s or two aces and two 2s, etc. For people who don't know what the straight is: an ace, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), ace. Flush - you must have four cards of any value but the same color (symbol) - colors are four (not two). If you want to help us with proofreading of our translations (articles, updates and other texts), we will be glad to invite you into our team. If you are an English native speaker with free time and you are willing to help us, please send us an e-mail. Some of them can be found around San Andreas and it is up to you to meet each girl's tastes.
Denise Robinson and Millie Perkins will pose no problem, because you meet these girls during missions. Each girl has a blue arrow above their heads and will be standing around doing various things, like talking to someone or shooting a gun. Flowers add a tiny amount of progress to the date and can be found all over san andreas, but later in this guide i will show you the nearest flowers to the girlfriends home. If she is there at that time, you will here her firing a gun at a target range beside ammunation up some steps. Make sure CJ has less than 25% muscle and as little fat as possible, but make sure he has alot of sex appeal at the same time. Alsoa flamethrower, chainsaw, molotov cocktails, and a pistol appear in a shed next to the farm building. After 50% progress, the monster truck that spawns next to her apartment becomes unlocked and at 100% you get the racing suit outfit. At 50% you will be able to unlock the hearse outside her house (dont ask me why there is hearse outside her house) and at 100% you will unlock the Medic uniform. Ocasionally she will ask to go dancing which is a real pain, because your pretty far from any dance clubs.
She is a cop, so when you get busted, you get to keep your weapons and no money is taken from you. If you bet on the first twelve numbers (1st to 12), you'll win when some number fell from 1 to 12.
They don't have to have one color (colors are four in agreement with symbols, not just red and black) only the value. So there are only two possibilities either - ace, two, three, four, five; or ten, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) and ace. Other cards don't keep, unless you have two pairs or something, that can come in handy according to the rules. They are all located under water, although they are usually fairly simple to locate as long as you are in the right area.

But it's also the most popular PlayStation 2 games in this generation, with little argument. Seeing as you get one later in the game much more easily, there doesnt seem much point in dating this girl.
At 50% progress with Helena, it is reported that you get the keys to the bandito, but actually, you can drive the bandito from the moment it spawns there. Lot's of people have reported her to be 'never in' and I myself have had trouble catching her in. Overall, she's worth going out with for the monster truck and the free pay n spray, but as for the suit, it doesnt seem worth it. Wear the gimp suit to a date and she'll just want to go indoors for some 'fiki fiki' (if you dont know what im talking about, dont ask!).
You can select cards that you want to hold into next round by arrows and space - the button Hold (3).
Driving dates depend on which girl you are dating, but can range from cruising about, driving fast as possible or driveby's. Overall, there is not much point in dating her to 100%, but just going out with gives you a Bandito. However, the police uniform does not let you get in the military areas such as the Naval base or restricted area in the desert without getting a wanted level. I told her my problem and i was told to be calm that i have come to the right place that i should fill some information concerning my self i did after some time she called me again congratulating me that my problems will be solve within 13days. Your color is written in the bottom left corner - either striped (half-colored) or solid (whole-colored).
Because Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comprises three different cities, you'll experience an immense amount of things to do, people to see, and gangs to fight. You start out in Los Santos, the first of the three cities, which is much like Los Angeles.
It's a vast, sprawling, historic urban center of historic landmarks, freeways, and a combination of mixed neighborhoods. When he's not hanging with his crew, he's feeding on a diet of fast food, getting tattoos, building muscle by working out, playing hoops, or hanging out at night with his girlfriend Denise.
Each vehicle serviced has a Nitro option, however not every vehicle offers the full menu of Nitrous options.
Take note: Taking a customized painted vehicle into a Pay 'N' Spray will wipe out any customized Paint Job.

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