The elephant is the largest land animal and was a sacred animal of the East that has kept its divinity over the ages. Their ability to bring good luck is captured in the replicas of elephants with tusks up or even down.
I’m not from India, but I suppose this old superstition about Ganesa is not followed as much in modern India.
There is more to say about elephant superstitions which this short article cannot go into, but suffice it to say, elephants and good luck go hand in hand all over the world. I’d like to know what the meanings are of the various directions an elephant trunk faces. Perhaps the loveliest one we have is a sculpture of three elephants…I guess you have to see it to appreciate it. I heard that to get good luck for the rest of your life you need to buy al elephant, steal and elephant and get al elephant form someone else. I don’t know about that, but My neighbor (who is from Thailand) says the trunk should be turned upward. I am looking for two large, clear glass elephants for my front window and can’t seem to find them anywhere.
BTW, you’ll have NO good luck, UNLESS your elephant is pointing, trunk up, to the East. I can tell you in all sincerity and with perfect confidence that it really doesn’t matter. I have tried to find the answer to my question but I have not had any luck.Thank you if you answer nicely. I think this is a question for the Zoology section, not mythology and folklore since both are real animals. I have a couple Indian inspired elephant ornaments some facing the door some facing a big window next to my fireplace that looks into my back yard. Elephants Good Luck Symbol a Powerful Superstition is a remnant of zoolatry, which is an expression of marvel and admiration at the instinct of the elephant.

Superstitious beliefs about the elephant have been spread all over the world, even in America. Then there is a cabinet facing the door with, well, at least two dozen elephant ornaments facing the door with their trunks up. As an example some Hindus wear mascots of lucky charms in the form of an elephant or Ganesa, the Elephant-headed god, who was the son of Siva. In Vishnu’s incarnation, a mythical elephant, which was afterwards appropriated by the god, Indra, was revered by the Hindus.
Yet even though the elephant is a native of the country, its habitat and ways are thoroughly understood, and the elephant is beloved and worshiped, these elephant superstitions are so commonplace in that country. Here is a bit of information you might be interested in, they can communicate over great distances by rumblings from the bowel. Well APPARENTLY they have mouths because the trunks are their noses and if they tried to eat through their nose they would die…but still…it was a GOOD question!!!!
Elephants don’t have mouths they do indeed suck their food up there trunks and they have tusks to puncture coconuts to have a drink. I heard that it is important for good luck to face your elephants east…is that right? If you can give me an direct link to an Golden Elephant at an reasonable price online ill be happy to purchase it. One of them is a hand-made elephant keychain, really nice detailing, but the trunk is down. Superstitions are manipulations of the subconscious mind, usually unintentionally by a relation made between ones self and certain actions or objects.
I may get a lot of flak from this supposition so if I am wrong please correct me in the comments section.
Because of this belief it is easy to understand why the Hindus believed that the elephant’s faculties and functions were similar to humans, and that they could develop at any time in humans. My mom told me to throw it away, because it is considered bad luck to have an elephant with a trunk down.

So if you’ve put even a little bit of faith in this key chain you may be setting yourself up. For those who are superstitious you may not be able to persuade them of the opposite of what they believe the elephant’s trunk signifies as regards to good luck.
It also is supposed to remove all obstacles from their path – suggested, naturally, by the extraordinary strength of their idol.
I remember watching a documentary on the lives of Elephants it showed a herd heading to a water hole, on the way a Tortoise was crossing their path the lead Elephant gently pushed it out of the way. You could also decide for yourself that elephants are good luck in general and go with that if you wanted to.
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