Prior to your interview, research your interviewer on LinkedIn and the company’s website. If you show up and throw up the same canned interview answers, you’ll bore the interviewer. Do your best to research the company and department by speaking with past or current employees.
If you are seeking a job in a creative field, such as design, marketing or advertising, using visuals is an obvious way to demonstrate your creativity. Another option is to bring a copy of your infographic resume, which uses images and graphs to underscore important points on your resume, and point out highlights during the interview.
If you’ve created an online portfolio, be sure to provide the interviewer with printed screenshots and the website address for immediate access and future reference. Sales people are often asked to present their goals for the first 30, 60 and 90 days on the job during their interview. Keep your job search up-to-date!Signup now and never miss out on job search trends you need to know!
So if you are ready to prepare for your adventure and you need some help, you’ve come to the right place. Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games for Windows Phone is a fast, furious and fun set of mini-games where quick responses and faster actions are needed to win – making it perfect for the Lumia smartphone. Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games for Windows Phone is a collection of 36 action packed mini-games, where the aim is to try to stay alive long enough to get the highest score and unlock all your favourite characters. With a wide choice of levels, such as Electric Fence Hurdles or the Dynamite Relay Race, the faster you can respond to the challenge and succeed the longer you’ll last in the game.

With three lives per go you may think you’re safe but the longer you play, the faster each game gets.
With different arenas to explore, play and master there is plenty of repeat playability with the game. Your future interviewer has a thousand things running through their mind as they conduct the interview with you.
Your interviewer is looking for a special candidate who will fit in with the team and company as well as shine in the role. Ask questions to learn about why people like working there, why employees leave, what current challenges the company faces and what the company’s recent successes have been. But many employers look for standout candidates who can demonstrate multifaceted skills and entrepreneurial thinking. Create a graph or walk the interviewer through the process flowchart you’ve recreated so that anyone can understand your logic and methodology. Or you could create a presentation of your career highlights for that role with that company. Practice presenting your visual evidence with different people from different backgrounds to make sure it hits the mark. In other words, leave out specific product lines or industry jargon that the interviewer may not understand.
While you may not be in sales, consider presenting your 30-60-90 day plan during the final interview. To make the most of some games your Lumia will need to have an accelerometer to best respond to your actions.

These circumstances may seem beyond your control, but there are surefire ways to win the interviewer’s attention. You are looking for information about interests, activities, colleges and high school to find something in common. The interviewer may not be able to define what the exact qualities they are looking for, but they often say they know it when they see it. Search the web and check the company’s social media streams for clues that will help you uncover how you will fit in. During each interview, you should be asking questions to uncover what your future manager expects. Based on your conversations and research, connect the dots and explain how you can solve internal issues, match the feel of the department or team, take the department to the next level, or fix the problems they need solved.
The first 30 days usually address how you will learn the company’s systems, procedures, people, customers, clients and overall culture. Creating this plan requires a thorough understanding of the role, your manager and the company’s goals. For the first 60 days, outline how you will to begin to use your strengths to fit in the role. Finally, in the 90-day outlook, list some of the actions you will take to help meet goals stated in the job description.

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