The Apple Watch does a lot of the same things Android-based watches can, such as delivering text messages and notifications and tracking your health. But there are several fundamental differences in how you actually interact with the Apple Watch compared to gadgets like the Moto 360, LG G Watch R, and other Android Wear watches.
You can add new bits of information, such as the weather, to a watch face instead of just changing it. While the Android version has been providing the option for sending text messages from the very beginning, iPhone did not offer this ability until Viber 2.0 for iPhone was released.
Strictly speaking, Viber does not send real SMS messages, which means you can send text messages only to other Viber users. If you choose a non-Viber contact, Viber will offer to open the original iPhone Messages application. Message delivered status is when there is acknowledgement that the message is actually received. If I delete the app and re install is there any way to retrieve unread messages that were sent to me while the app was deleted? If you delete the app while there are unread messages in your Viber inbox, they are gone and there's no way to retrieve them. However, if you delete Viber and the messages didn't physically arrive to your device (it was offline, so the message is pending in our servers), it will be received when you reinstall Viber and connect to the internet (the message will only then arrive to your device). No, since Viber isn't *really* running in cellular roaming mode when you use it in another country. You could still dial your friend (back in your mutual country) the same way (no need for country code), or simply click his contact in your Viber Contact List. You'll need to dial the full number format (including the country code) only if you call someone who initially registered from a different country, with a LOCAL number of that country. I have iphone4,how can i go offline in Viber(without turning my phone off)?or I can only deactivate the account? You can simply shut Viber off by going into your list of apps running in the background (double-tap the home button, at the bottom of your iphone, then you’ll see the list of background apps). I updated my iPhone 4 today on Itunes 10.5 , also viber updated and lost all my text messages.
We had some temporary server problems at the time you updated, but it should be fine by now. Hi that removes the black text box, now what happens is when i start to type the text box goes to the right and i cannot seeor send my message.
If the problem persists, please turn off (temporarily) your lock-password, then try rebooting your phone again, and see if the problem now happens or not. My viber was working normally until I got an update in the app store yesterday, now I’m still receiving messages, but when I open the app it only shows a white screen for a few seconds and then it closes, can you explain me what’s happenig and if will be fixed?

Note that Viber does not officially support iPod yet, and this could be the reason for the problem.
We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix at the moment (it will probably be released within the next few days). Meanwhile, try the following workaround: instead of composing a new viber message, try to reply to one, or open an existing conversation from the Message page. I have Viber on my iPod touch and trying to SMS or call in Australia and they have Viber too why isn’t it working? We will of course try to find a solution soon, but in the meanwhile – would you please try removing the lock for your phone temporarily and see if it solves the problem?
The text messages will only be kept one day only, all text messages will be delete autommatically next day.
At this stage, some of our users reported that there is a problem that causes all messages to be deleted after a reboot of the phone.
In the future, we plan to add an option to export and import message history for your convenience. Hi, since upgrading my iPhone to version 5 … All my Viber text messages dissapear each time I charge my phone – why is this? It is certainly something we plan to add in the future, and once we do – we will announce it on our Facebook page.
We promise that once we have news on that, we’ll keep our users posted on our FB page.
Now, coming to the first question, yes, you can send text message via Siri through Apple Watch.
The Siri in Watch is fully automated to provide you utmost pleasure and let you fun using it.
Most importantly, if you are preparing tea or cooking something then you can set remainders for 3 minutes (or according to your requirement) using it to alarm you up. Siri can guide you ways to reach your destination; to do so you need to ask Siri for direction and map will help you out to reach your pre-set destination suggesting you when to take right and left. Water is undoubtedly the core ingredient of our survival and taking it adequately is mandatory for a healthy life.
We all love YouTube because it has almost all variety of videos uploaded by millions of users around the globe.
Sending a message requires very little amount of data traffic (less than 1 KB), which makes it literally free even on 3G.
Newer iPhones can run Viber in background, and in that case message sent to them will be delivered in no time. Did you try removing Viber, and installing the latest version that’s just been released?

But after the update the writing area in SMS became black, so I can’t read what I am writing. It sent me the Viber code again to log in, and even though I use the same phone, the system somehow must thought that I have a new registration.
Meanwhile, if you install newer versions on top of older ones, your message history should remain in tact. I was using Viber phone, all was fine then when I finished the call I went to check my Viber messages etc …. Apple fans are curious to know how Siri will work with Apple Watch and how they can make use of it efficiently. If eggs get boiled in 5 minutes then set up reminder for 5 minutes and do your other pending work.
He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
Typos are quite common while texting, especially when you’ve just got your new iPhone. For those who want to freak people out from the comfort of their chair, we bring you 12 crazy text pranks to pull on people.
To share a Sticker, slide to the right (left menu), to share an Emoticon, slide to the left (right menu).
So I turned off my phone and turned it back on to find every single one of my text messages have just finished.
Previously i had a same problem with my older version of viber, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version but i can able to view all my previous messages. These are some of the extreme text fails between parents and kids that you will ever come across. Just to predict, if you can send text message through it then definitely, you can send email too. Conversely, the other aspect of it is ‘email’ usually, requires a long text dictation and complicated procedure unlike text messaging and that is why it has not been made clear. It’s quite certain that you will be rolling on the floor laughing reading through them, in a couple of seconds!
The suspense over sending email will get end once the Apple Watch gets released and starts shipping out to the users.

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